6 weeks old!?

Does every mother enter a time-warp when her children are born and wonder A) How their baby got so big; B) How their child got to be *insert age here* already; C) When the hell she got to be so old and gray?? I had a few epiphanies yesterday regarding Violet and her sleep habits. I figured out she barfs in the night because she's not eating from being hungry, but because she wakes up, sniffs me and then eats to comfort herself. Then pukes all over me and has to stay up for a few hours. So I put her to sleep in her bassinet. This is about the same age I put GraceAnne in hers. She fell asleep an hour early, woke up 2x to eat and slept like a dream while she was in there. This gave me time to go in the bathroom and actually brush my teeth like they should be, as well as LOOK at myself in the mirror. MAN--when did I get so old?? I used to always be one of the younger moms. Now I'm one of the older ones. :( Yes--I knew it would happen, but I didn't think it would happen in the blink of an eye when I wasn't looking!! Good thing my kids are so cute and worth it!
So we've been trying to find our fingers, and sometimes it works, but mostly not so much yet. She's very good at finding them while she's laying on her belly, (which she LOVES), but she's really only good at rubbing her eyes, (which she now does a lot!), when she's on her back.
This picture serves no real purpose except to say I LOVE babies in thick stripes. I don't know why, but it is SO CUTE. GraceAnne had a pair of striped pajamas that someone gave her 2nd hand when she was a baby. They were my all-time favorite on her and I wish I had kept them. They were adorable. So there's our 6-week-old Violet wearing some stylish stripes!
GraceAnne has been watching me so closely regarding Violet. Violet got this little monkey from her Aunt Diane and Uncle Jon and Gracie loves to play with it and pretend it's her baby. Yesterday she was standing up, swaying back and forth and rocking the baby when she turned around and was telling it, "there you go. Yepp, get the milkies." I quietly turned the camera on and said, "GraceAnne, can I see you?" She was nursing the monkey. I'm so glad she thinks it's normal. I still feel a little uncomfortable with it at times.
And there's Violet taking her first bottle. *sniff* I'm excited because this means my super-secret date plans for our anniversary will work, but also a little nervous because she took it SO WELL and once GraceAnne got a bottle we couldn't ever get her to take the breast again. If that happens with Violet I'll pump for her, just like I did for GraceAnne, but it's so much less convenient to take bottles everywhere. I love nursing because the food is already here. All we need is mom, baby and a blanket if we're in public. No time to get a bottle ready, no saying, "oh crap, we forgot the bottle!" and no clean-up, which is the best part! Okay, so sometimes she's sloppy and I have to wipe myself down, but I much prefer cleaning myself to cleaning THINGS. Yepp, I'm a lazy-butt like that. Err...I'm a busy mom like that! ;)

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Emily said...

Tara, I am experiencing those questions right now myself! I can't believe how old she is, how big she is and how old I feel!

Maya did start sleeping through the night but the temp spike from the shots has thrown her for a loop. She was up until 3:30 last night. It didn't help that she needed to poop (3 diapers full, I am not lying!) this morning. I am running on 4 hours of sleep!

GraceAnne and Violet are so stinking cute you guys did a good job!