Beating the Heat

Here we all are at GraceAnne's swim lessons yesterday. It's been very warm, (think close to 100 degrees), the last couple of weeks, so we've been REALLY looking forward to swimming time. The water looks so perfect! I was initially excited I didn't have to get into the pool with GraceAnne, but now I'm wishing Violet were 4 months older so I could suit up and get in, too! Yepp, fat thighs and all!

There will be 2 more contractors here tomorrow morning. Windows/siding and another plumber. Morris said he hopes that these are the last two. Please pray they are and they start on our house soon, because I forgot how miserable it is to walk from an air-conditioned room into a hot-as-heck hallway. It's also pretty awful to go to the bathroom in the heat and especially to take a shower and step out into humid nastiness, almost negating the point of the shower anyway!

Looks like we will be in the guest house for the part of the summer that Rhiya is with us. We'll have to come inside to cook, though. The plus side of this is that it will greatly save us on the energy bill. The guest house is pretty cheap to cool, and if our house is nearly completely shut down, we won't be paying much at all. The downside is that the guest house is about 300 square feet with 1 twin sized bed and 1 full sized bed. This should prove to be interesting since Violet still prefers to sleep with us most of the night. (What was that I was saying about epiphanies the other day?? Yeah...I was wrong.)

Well, I'm going to close this because we have to go rob Target, (i.e. use lots of coupons and walk out with a ton of stuff for really cheap). I hope you all are doing well and keeping cool.

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