Fantastic Father's Day

Yesterday was pretty awesome! I was nervous, because our plans were to go to the zoo. This typically results in a hot, hungry, too-tired preschooler, a less-than-thrilled and sore amputee and a stressed-to-the-max momma, (why do we still go? HAHA), but we had decided to go to the Fort Worth Zoo for a father's day/birthday celebration. Allan and GraceAnne had never been, but I was there once before I met Allan. It's amazing because it's small, still has lots of cool things to see, and when you get to the end, (it's not in a stupid 80-mile-loop like a lot of zoos), you can hop on a train and ride back to the entrance. So by the time we were too hot and tired to do anymore, we were in "Texas Town" and got to ride the Yellow-Rose Express back to the front so we could leave.

We started the day, though, going to church. When we got home we opened presents. Allan got an Indiana Jones lego set he's been eyeballing for a month and GraceAnne got her bike from us/Gramma Deb & Grampa Bruce. She also got some super-cool wooden toys from Auntie Trish & Uncle Dave, kitchen toys from Mommers and a huge pony castle with LOTS of accessories from Rhiya. You can imagine, I'm sure, which was her favorite. THE PONIES from her big sister! She's in love. I may never see her emerge from her room again.

We went to the zoo after that, which, like I said, was a good time. Violet was an angel and slept through most of it. She woke up to eat twice and sweated her little tail off, but she seems to like the warm weather. GraceAnne had a blast and Allan even said he enjoyed that zoo when we left. I was glad because I was really not so sure about my choice of celebration locations. I think we'll be going there again. I also re-learned to ALWAYS flash Allan's military ID, because we got a pretty good discount for it.

To wrap up the evening we went to Chili's. I love ANY excuse to go out to eat, so I was happy as a lark. GraceAnne was very well behaved at the restaurant and we had a grand time. Violet even let me eat without demanding food of her own. We ended our steak dinners *YUM! Drool* with a chocolate molten lava cake *MMMMM drool more* and went home.

Allan talked to Rhiya twice yesterday and she wished him a Happy Father's Day. She's going to Wisconsin on Tuesday, (I think), and I'm SO JEALOUS!! I want to be going home!! I suppose with all the flooding it's not a great idea right now anyway. Hopefully for Christmas.

So--great day. I wish everyday was Father's Day :D I hope everyone else had a good one, too.

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