GraceAnne's 4th Birthday Party

So here is the cake I referred to in a previous post that I said was so busy. GraceAnne designed every aspect of it by looking at other cakes in the case. She loved it and so did all the other kids! They were all telling me, "I WANT RAINBOW!" or "I WANT A FLOWER!" So cute. No one cared about the name, though. Everyone always wanted to eat the name when I was a kid!

This is GraceAnne, Christopher and Harley eating their chicken nuggets. Part of the party is that all the kids get kids' meals and that was great for me, no cooking, no worrying about forgetting the dip and no clean up!

Here's GraceAnne blowing out her candles. Trista is the little girl with the great smile! The little boy on her other side is Tucker, who loves GraceAnne. She loves him, too. They're great friends :)

Obligatory photo of the presents. She woke up on Saturday and said, "you know what, mommy? today is my birthday." I said, "no, today is your birthday PARTY. Your birthday is next week." She said, "well, I still get presents!!" Yes, it's true...she still got presents.

Tucker and Jackson are twins. Aren't they so cute being naughty??? By the end of the party the only stragglers were the 3 boys and GraceAnne. She had a blast. Uh-oh...she already LOVES playing with boys. Allan is already considering investing in MANY shotguns and a gunrack to go directly on the entry-way wall. I can definitely hear the words "Be back by 9pm...I will be awake cleaning my guns." coming from Allan's mouth to our daughters' dates in our future!

So GraceAnne had a total blast, as did the other kids. They screamed and ran around and made the restaurant absolute chaos, (we confined it to the play area, for those adults who are cringing thinking of wild banshee children stealing fries from random strangers), and she was SO tired when we left. We exchanged numbers with some parents so that we can make playdates and I had a great time because I didn't have to think too much for a couple of hours. The cake was tasty and they brought us ice cream, too. GraceAnne got a Chick-fil-A birthday t-shirt but she said it was "ugly" and when I told her I'd save it for Violet she said, "Little kids don't like stuff like that, MOM!" Did I tell you all she's THREE going on FOURTEEN? *insert eyeroll here*

I'll be scootin' along now. My kids need me. What are they thinking?

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Emily said...

Ahhh! How cute! I can't wait to experience these things with my daughter! Ahhhh!