I miss my MOMMY!!

My mom and Bruce were here for 4 days. It was a VERY nice visit. They took off at about 6:30 this morning on their way to Mississippi and I already miss them so much. I love to see my mom with the girls and it makes my heart swell whenever the girls get to interact with a good man, so all 4 days I was marveling at Bruce and the babies. He's a great guy and I'm so glad my mom was blessed with him! GraceAnne was absolutely over the moon about Bruce and Gramma being here and Violet was charming as ever.

Bruce and mom both say that fish and relatives have 1 thing in common: they both stink after 3 days. I tend to agree with them most of the time, but I really wasn't done with them yet. I wish they could have stayed another week! I miss my mom so much--but the dilemma is this: I don't want to move back "home." I didn't like being cold while I was there. The summers are miserably humid and I just...don't like it much. I LOVE Texas. I love the home we've made here and the area and the town and our neighborhood and mostly our neighbors!! I've never lived in a place where I felt so "at home" in my whole life. I'm sure we could find that elsewhere, but I don't know.

Allan has been wanting to move north forever, so I guess we'll see where God wants us to end up. I just really wish they'd move closer to us! HA! If they were even 6 hours away I know we'd put it in the budget to go see them once a month or so. Oh well, if wishes were horses, eh?

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