The Incredible Vomiting Baby

This is what a houseful of REALLY tired kids looks like. *yawn* And Mommy is even more tired. GraceAnne started swim lessons yesterday and was totally tuckered out from being in the pool in the sun, but still didn't go to sleep until 10pm last night and decided to get up at 7:15am. Again, we're missing our sleep mark by quite a bit here. Think more along the lines of 11 hours as necessary for a sassy-pants 3-year-old, ("but I'll be 4 on June 15!!").

Vi--that's a whole other story. She's super-congested and so keeps vomiting. The snot is too sticky to stay in her belly, or something, and she coughs and gags while she's eating. Sometimes, (3 times yesterday!!), this leads to barfing up copious amounts of my liquid gold and that results in a bath and a brain-sucking session with the nasal aspirator, which she adores. Fortunately she still looks fat and happy, so we're alright I guess. We brought the humidifier into the room and I'm sitting up to feed her at night, (OH THE AGONY!!), instead of using a side-lying position and after she tossed her cookies at 3am we put her to sleep in her carseat so she'd be upright. Hopefully it all helps. We shall see.

I'm one sleepy momma today. Wish me luck!

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