The dreaded "F" word...

A quick update on the Reboot-we're on day 3 and Allan did not feel full *at all* yesterday, so last night I made a homemade quinoa cereal for us to eat this morning to get a good start and MAN!  It was awesome!  I will continue to make and eat that, even when we're not on a Reboot!  I also packed him a bigger lunch.  I feel good, though.  This was the first morning I've been able to pull myself out of bed before 6:30 in a long time.  I attempted to walk GraceAnne to school again this morning, but we had to turn back around after about half mile.  We'll try again, though!

What is that "F" word she's talking about, though??  FUNDRAISING.  Okay, who's left?  Who didn't run away screaming?  The fact is, our homestudy is nearly complete (the paperwork part).  When we send that in, we also have to send in a check for 1k.  We raised a little over $600 at our garage sale when we were in Texas, so we've already paid our "down payment" and have paid for background checks, FBI checks, etc.  But this final homestudy fee is coming around the bend like a freight train.  We would probably eat that cost in any way possible, but we haven't sold our Texas house yet (anyone need a really great house??) so our budget is tight at the moment. 

I want to take a moment to say, though, PRAISE THE LORD!!  Because we have gone from wondering how in the world we would support one household and needing support to do it to being able to pay for 2 homes and not get any outside financial assistance.  God is good, and He will smooth out the house situation, but for now, He is asking us to rely on Him for these fees, and we all know how He loves to let His people be His hands and feet!

I have a little ChipIn widget to the right hand side of the screen.  It will help us track how much is left.  We didn't want to have to go the route of just out and out asking for donations, but that is what we need to do with this coming up so fast.  We have a really neat fundraiser coming up in October that we plan to take nationwide, (for the actual adoption costs) but for now this is all we have time for. 
So I am asking 2 things.  The first is, can you donate $5?  It will only take 200 people donating $5 to get to the 1,000 we need.  The second is, will you please share this page with your friends and family?  Maybe you feel like $5 isn't much, but when you share it with 5 friends who do the same, it grows exponentially! 

Wait, I am asking for 3 things...because the last is, would you please join us in praying for these children?
Their names are Tykia, Triquanna, Tadya, Tywron and Jerry.  In all of this adoption research, we came across this sibling group here in Kansas who need a home that will love ALL of them.  They are so precious to me.  I just know God has a big plan for them and will redeem them soon, but they need our prayers.  There are so many groups like this, and they are so hard to adopt out, but some family will be well blessed by this adorable group of kids. 

Thank you so much for all of your help.  We love and miss you all!

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