Friday Night Light

I love how God constantly works for us while we're sleeping.  There's not much sweeter than waking up to some emails that say "someone wants to bless YOU."  (Except the sound of our littles giggling together, or getting a soft kiss from a tiny person and hearing "I love you, Mommy.")  Last night we got some donations and a couple people bought shoes from Pitterpat (click the banner at the bottom of the blog if you love creative gift ideas for babies/toddlers.  My friend at Pitterpat makes the most amazingly cute, durable, comfortable shoe your child could own and she's offering $5 toward our homestudy costs for everyone who purchases a pair and mentions us at checkout!)

So now we are OVER HALF WAY TO OUR GOAL!!  To break it down for you, here is the math

Total Cost: 1231.80
-PP balance (your donations!) 377.51
-cashed in change 200.24
-cash donation 20.00
-checks by mail 40.00
594.05 left to raise!!

That is only 119 donations of $5! 

I cannot begin to explain how much it warms my heart that you have all felt called to help us by sharing this page or donating money to our home study costs.  I don't feel like we deserve it.  The voice in my head says, "if you can't do this on your own right now, it shouldn't be done."  "Quit asking people for help, who wants to help you?"  "Just stop bothering everyone."

But the Truth~that still small voice says, "Tara, I sent your family on this journey.  I will send the funds and I will use My people to do it."

Today I've been working in the kitchen and putting together fundraising packets for our family full of Equal Exchange materials.  I'm very excited, but I know that first things first...we have got to find $594.05 by Monday so that we can turn our home study book in and move on to the next phase.  SO!  Please share the blog with that handy little share button on the side ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
and email it to your friends and family and ask THEM to share and let everyone help bring some kids without families to their forever home.  We so appreciate you all and thank you for all you're doing!

All our love and prayers!
~Tara & Co.

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