Potty Training is Inconvenient

My son...dear, precious Corbin, who we hoped and prayed for for 6 years before his birth...will be 3 in December.  And he is so amazing!  Smart and talkative and funny!  He is more than I hoped for and nothing I thought he would be. 

But he still craps his pants.

It's true.  He had himself completely, 100% potty trained, even without night accidents when he was 2 years old.  Last December, January and February we had 3 kids and 0 diapers.  But then we went away for a weekend to an adoption conference so we could be equipped to take on more pants-crappers and he thought he might convince Mommers to leave by peeing and pooping hisself again.  Since then, he doesn't sleep through the night and he won't go potty on the toilet.

Being that we are now pretty much settled here in our new Kansas home, we thought it was about time to sleep train him. (Read: Dad got kicked in the face and demanded him out.  Mom slipped up one night and was too tired to walk the darling back to bed when he came to ours, so she got kicked in the face, too.) So several weeks ago we started being mean and making him sleep all night in his own bed. He's gotten pretty decent about it, I'd say he sleeps through 2 out of 3 nights.  He's making the transition.

Given our slight-success in the sleep arena, 2 days ago I decided I was done with swishing poop, too.  We use cloth diapers, so for me, poop means changing a poopy diaper and then swishing it around in the toilet so I can wash it on diaper laundry day.  Some of you cringe, but I promise it hasn't bothered me until juuuust about a week ago.  Now it makes me mad.  I will admit that part of this anger is self-inflicted because I got rid of most of my diapering supplies when he was potty trained, saving only what I wanted to pass onto future babies.  That makes cloth slightly inconvenient at the moment, since I can't just go buy what I want.

But what does potty training an almost-3-year-old, stubborn little boy, who doesn't even MIND his sisters running from him and screaming when he smells terrible entail?  It means me running him to the potty every 30 minutes-literally.  It means scheduling outings between his potty breaks and being sure we will be close enough to a bathroom while we're out.  It means letting him sit backwards on the toilet and begging him to just "squeeze out a little pee" and it means still washing 3-4 sets of soaked undies per day and STILL swishing poop. 

Except now I have to maneuver the poop down the legs of a squirmy almost-3-year-old, stubborn little boy who doesn't mind if he gets poop everywhere.


Maybe I'll just wait until all the kids in Kindergarten make fun of him for wearing diapers to school.

Oh wait...I plan to homeschool.  And that means 3 more years of poop swishing.  Excuse me while I take my son to the potty-it's been 30 minutes.
(but he really is so precious!)

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