Reboot-Day One

What is a reboot?  The term has been coined by Joe Cross who did the documentary, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.  In the documentary, he does a juice fast for 90 days.  This is not just any Juicy Juice, though, this is *real* juice, where you stick in carrots, kale, apples...you know *real* food?  And end up with juice full of enzymes and vitamins and minerals. 

There are lots of reasons to do a Reboot, obviously Joe was looking to lose weight (and he did, over 100lbs!).  Some people are very sick and their bodies just can't process nutrients in food anymore.  Juicing is a great way to ingest what you need in an easily accessible manner.  For me and Allan, it's about detoxification.  Our bodies are exposed to countless chemicals and toxic vapors daily.  Sometimes it helps to kick all those toxins out and start with a clean slate.

So our Reboot is the "classic" 5-5-5.  It means eating a plant based diet for 5 days, juicing only for 5 days and then a plant based diet for 5 more days.  We spent the last several days weaning ourselves off of dairy and caffeine.  Today, Monday, Sept 10th, is day 1 of our official reboot.

So, of course, my car pooped last night.  Good thing we're pretty close to GraceAnne's school.  And across the street from a grocery store.  Yeah.  Good thing...

So we started our morning with a "throat remedy" tea that is great to boost your metabolism with in the morning.  A week or so ago I sliced lemons and ginger and put them in a jar with honey to fill it.  It's been "curing" in the fridge since and you put 1 tablespoon of that in a glass with 8oz of hot water.  It really does taste fabulous, and I must say, I'm not as groggy as I feared I would be without coffee. 

We also had a breakfast juice with watermelon, pineapple, a few strawberries and a bit of ginger.  *That* was quite delicious.  I am a big fan of the fruit juices.

Allan was sent off to work with a huge salad with romaine and baby spinach, cucumber, celery and toasted pine nuts.  I made the dressing out of natural mustard, olive oil, a few drops of honey, lemon juice, chia seeds and fresh ground pepper.

Then the kids and I were off to walk GraceAnne to school.  Which is 1.8 miles from our house.  Hmmm...1.3 of that is uphill.  Oh, and I discovered on the way there that the tires on my "jogging" stroller were flat.  NOT what I was expecting to do on the first day of a Reboot.  Thankfully I thought to bring some raw almonds to boost protein and had tossed some chia seeds in my morning juice, but I was pretty wiped out by the time we got there.  We went potty, took GraceAnne to class and came back home.  Home was a hair easier since we didn't have to be there at any certain time.  We left at 7:40 and got home at 9:20. 

As soon as we got back, the littles had granola bars and I had a spinach, apple and kiwi juice with a few strawberries that were left.  I mixed it half and half with coconut water to rehydrate. 

Lunch for me was a big romaine salad with cucumbers, oil and vinegar.  I started to develop a bit of a headache, but I think it's a caffeine headache.  I've had one for a couple days now.  Amazing what 1 little cup in the morning can do! 

End of the day and ready for bed, but overall I felt great today.  Allan said he didn't feel any different.  My legs and feet are sore, but I think I may have a go at walking her to school again, even though Allan fixed the truck!

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