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Yesterday I posted about our ChipIn and the effort to raise $1,000 for our homestudy fees before October 12.  Read that post HERE.  I must say, I adore fundraising, I might even have a gift for it.  I was really big into Rhiya's PTA when we lived in WA and made those book fairs the highest grossing the school had seen.  I enjoy thinking up new and creative ideas and this adoption process has been no different.  Thinking about fundraising is a nice change of pace to the drudgery of paperwork.  I am *really* looking forward to launching this fundraiser next month:
I'm thinking of ways to make it nationwide so that all of our friends and family can participate.  The company so aligns with our family's values and passions!  It's going to be great.

But we have this pesky homestudy fee to pay.  And we kept praying the house would sell so that we could just cover the cost ourselves.  For those who don't know-we just moved to KS from TX a few months ago.  We still own our house in TX and it's on the market with virtually NO bites.  We're able to continue paying for both households (a big PRAISE GOD because we could hardly pay for 1 a few months ago!) but we don't have much left to save.  If we don't pay the fee by the time the paperwork is completed, we will have to start all over (time sensitive materials expire after 30 days) After wracking my brain, I broke down and just asked if people would donate $5 and share the blog so we could meet our goal.
 Really great house in a fabulous small town in Texas-close to the metroplex and completely updated!

I said I love fundraising, but I *hate* asking for money.  I have always hated it.  But as the days turn into weeks, I know that this is all I have time for, since we're no longer near our network.  I posted that post yesterday thinking that people would read it and click away, embarassed for me, but you know what?

In the midst of our reboot (see post HERE ) for health, God is rebooting our faith, too.  We always *knew* that He has got it under control, but when we get to *see* that in action, WOW!  In 24 hours I had too many friends repost the blog link to count and we had donations of not just $5, but $10, $30 and even $50!  We currently have a little over 10% of what we need for our homestudy fees in under 24 hours!  MY CUP OVERFLOWETH!

So thank you to all of you who have donated, shared or who are reading for the first time.  I am ever so grateful for your generosity and love and we are praying for you.  Please continue to share this page.  If something amazingly crazy happens and we raise more than the allotted $1,000 the money will go toward our further adoption costs.  The homestudy is just one step.  You can see on the ticker above what our estimated OOP costs will be and how far we have come.  I will continue to keep that updated as we go along.

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It has come to my attention that some people are looking via mobile and can't see the share or donate buttons.  If that is the case and you just want our PayPal email address it is teha[underscore]67[at]yahoo[dot]com.  Thanks, mobile friends!

And meanwhile, back at the camp...

Today is day 4 of the 15 day reboot, which means we have 1 day of "food" left and then it's on to 5 days of juice only.  I'm nervous about this for a few reasons, I think the biggest two are 1. Making sure Allan has enough juice to get through the day at work and 2. Cooking for the kids while I am juicing.  I am not concerned about *real* hunger, because we'll be getting more than enough, but I am concerned about cravings and the attitude that I seem to have when I want something that I can't have. 

Thus another reason for the Reboot has surfaced...initially it was all about detoxification, but it has become a war of my spirit, as well.  It makes perfect sense, all spiritual battles start with prayer and fasting and fasting really just means withholding something from one's self.  I am praying that as I walk this journey, self-policing becomes more natural.  As my food choices become more and more concious, so might my choice of words.

For example: last night was our first homegroup meeting.  There were lots of tasty snacks, but what particularly caught my eye was the "gorp."  For those not in the know, it's this mix of homemade caramel corn, and whatever kinds of candies and nuts you want to add.  It's crispy, overly sweet deliciousness that really symbolizes this time of year for me.  I noticed, as everyone was standing around munching on it, (my kids included) that my HANDS really wanted to grab some and my MOUTH really wanted to crunch it, but my MIND, HEART and SOUL really did not want to put that junk into my body.  That I was able to differentiate was amazing to me.  It was a real break-through. 

So now, when my HEAD heats up with rage and my MOUTH wants to spout nastiness to my kids, I'm praying that I will be better equipped to listen to my MIND, HEART and SOUL when they say, "No...you are not using your words to edify or build up God's people...stop and think before you spew that all over the people you love most."

Thanks for reading, I really love writing and sharing with you all.  Love and miss you!
~Tara and family

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