Did She go to Vegas?

Hey there folks!  So we didn't meet our deadline, the money is still sitting in the PayPal account waiting for when we can gather it all.  We will probably have to re-submit some forms since they were time sensitive but we are still doing this thing.

Here's the latest breakdown of funds:

Total fees for home study: 1231.80

PayPal balance: (Donations by people like you!) 469.19  (OMG!  I am so completely blown away and in awe!)
Change jar raid: 200.24
Cash Donations: 40.00
Checks by mail: 85.00


That's not much!  Not when a few weeks ago we were looking at 1231.80 and wondering how in the world!  That's only 88 more people giving $5 each.  Rest assured, we are looking around the house for things to sell, but we've already gotten rid of most of our "stuff."  I have been eye-balling Allan's parts truck for the scrap metal, though.  We'll see how that goes. 

I haven't been around much the last couple of days because we always get paid the first part of the month.  By the end of the month, we are down to pantry shopping (which is why I have a pantry, of course!!) so the first few days of the month are always spent busily driving too many miles to get food that is actually good for us.  Monday we spent most of the day at the park, meeting someone who will be an amazing resource for us.  She has a degree in family therapy and worked closely with adopted children with attachment disorders.  WOAH!

Yesterday the littles and I went down to Overland Park, a bigger town with a Whole Foods and a Costco.  When I have to drive that far, I like to make sure the trip is worth it, so we also met up with a woman selling raw cream and milk.  I have been wanting to add butter back into my diet, but I wanted to add *real* butter, so I met up with her.  Turns out she grew up in foster care, never could be adopted because no one could find her birth mother.  She lived in over 15 different homes and you would never even believe the amazing woman she is.  SO kind and loving and beautiful.  I am so grateful to have met her.  She's 48 and last Thanksgiving her birth mother (in England) found HER, so next week she is meeting her for the very first time.  WOAH!

Last night was our first official foster parenting class, and that was good.  I think I heal more from these trainings we go to for our future adoptive children than anything else ever has.  I am so glad God is walking this path with me before I walk it with a little person!

Today I'm nursing the ickies.  I had 2 cups of my honey/lemon/ginger tea this morning and I'm rocking a super smoothie.  I'm going to try to eat only raw today (except for dinner, I am SO looking forward to baked fish and sweet potato fries!) to see if I can't get this nasty feeling out before tomorrow. 

And that's about it for me.  Tonight is our small group, and GraceAnne has a 4-day weekend.  We're going camping this weekend and the kids are super stoked.  It will be really good to get out of the house and just BE with each other.  It's supposed to be pretty cold this weekend, though, so I need to make sure I really bundle these little Texans.  (Me too.  BRRRRRRR!)

I'm changing out the ticker on the side because the ChipIn button irritates me.  I can't change it to reflect what we've already raised, so buh-bye.  Of course, here is the donate button:

And please pray that these funds come.  The more time that goes by, the more things expire and then we'll have to come up with fees again (for our background checks, etc) and bother our friends for more reference forms and well, paperwork already abounds, so avoiding extra is always a good thing!  We even got an inch of papers from our foster parent class last night that we get to fill out, too.  (Don't tell anyone, but I do kinda enjoy filling out forms.  Allan marvels at how quickly/efficiently I can do it and have my handwriting still be legible.  What a skill, right?  God knows what He's doing when He passes out the talents ;P )
We do so appreciate all that you're doing for us and the love, support and prayers you've given.  It should go without saying that we truly, deeply appreciate the donations, but it shouldn't, in good form, go without saying, so THANK YOU for your help and your generosity.  God will bless you abundantly for helping us and for helping the children He will bring to this household. 
All our love!

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