The Officially Official "Sale" and FREE Raffle

It turns out that it is illegal to "sell" raffle tickets in the state of Kansas.  To adhere to Kansas rules, the raffle is now FREE, but your 5.00 donation will purchase you a *real* sheet of stickers.  With the purchase of a sheet of stickers, you will recieve ONE FREE ENTRY into the raffle.  Your 20.00 donation will purchase you a *real* pencil.  With the purchase of a pencil, you will recieve FIVE FREE ENTRIES into the raffle.  You will actually recieve those items purchased in the mail after the winners of the raffle are drawn on Monday, October 15th.  If you are one of the lucky winners of the FREE raffle, then your purchase will be included in your prize package. 

You really don't want to miss this raffle, we have over $500 worth of prizes.  See the details below:
If you don't know, our family is in the process of adoption called the "home study"  It is what it sounds like, they study our home and us to make sure we're fit to give more kids to.  We have to pay for the homestudy and aren't eligible for grants until it is complete and we are then "home study ready."  We need the help of our friends and family (and now anyone who wants to win an amazing prize!) to raise the rest of the money we need to be able to turn our booklet in.

So we are selling stickers and pencils and GIVING AWAY raffle tickets for what I will call a "tiered" fundraiser.  A $5 sticker will earn you 1 entry into the giveaway. A $20 pencil will earn you 5 entries.  I will include "checkout buttons" on the side and bottoms of the fundraising posts.

Our goal is to have at least 250 entries.


The Deets:
We will close this raffle on Monday, October 15th so that our homestudy packet can be turned in on the 18th (time for the money to deposit into the adoption account) when we take Corbin in for his pre-op appointment. (Both are about 40 minutes away in the same direction, so I'd love to take 1 trip instead of 2) I will draw for the winners via randomizer Monday, October 15th at 9:00PM CST. I will place orders for the prizes that same evening and winners will get their items within 2 weeks. 

Entries will be drawn randomly.  Each winner wins ONE prize.  For example, if entry #351 is drawn for prize 2, Tier 1, the person associated with that entry will win the Pampered Chef Twixit Clip set.  1 person can win more than once, but each entry will be discarded as it is drawn.  For example, if you earned 4 entries and your name is drawn for 1 prize, that number will be discarded, but your 3 remaining entries are still in the pool for further drawings. 

Remember: Christmas is coming up!  Items you win could go as Christmas presents. 

Remember also: This won't work if you don't SHARE!  If you purchase a pencil and recieve 5 entries, but only 10 entries total enter, we can't give away the prizes because our family has to actually pay for these prizes out of the proceeds from your purchases. 

Now for the fun part...what can you WIN!?
Tier 1=Pampered Chef. We have a total of 14 prizes (14 winners!) worth over $250 total.
We need to sell a minimum total of 75 sticker sheets to draw for Tier 1. 
Tier 1 Items: 
Mini Scoop & Measure (5.50 value)
Twixit Clips (6.00 value)

Tie Its (7.50 value)
Soups, Stews & Chilis cookbook (8.00 value)
Cranberry Microfiber towel (8.50 value)

Large Serving Spatula (10.00 value)
Bar Board (10.00 value)

Slotted Bamboo spoon set (11.00 value)
Make it Fresh, Make it Healthy cookbook (15.00 value)
2-cup prep bowl set (16.00 value)
Batter Bowl Set includes small batter bowl and large batter bowl (28.50 value)
Ridged Baker (30.00 value)

Large Bar Pan (35.00 value)
Dressed Up Desserts Gift Bundle Bundle includes Shimmering Glass Round Platter, Beaded Cake & Pie Server and The Pampered Chef® Chocolate cookbook. (59.50 value)
Tier 2= Equal Exchange. We have 17 prizes (17 winners!) worth $235 total
We need to sell a minimum*total* (including entries from Tier 1) of 150 pencils to draw for Tier 2.
Tier 2 Items:

(6) 20 ct boxes Organic Chai Tea. Fairly Traded (6 winners worth $5 each)

(2) 12oz canisters Organic Hot Cocoa Mix (2 winners worth $8 each)

(6) 12oz bags Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee. Fairly Traded. (6 winners worth $11 each)

Beautiful Body Care Kit includes 2 bars handmade soap scented with cucumber and coconut and a natural fiber body scrubber tied together in a palm leaf basket ($18 value)

Crowd Pleaser Gift Basket includes 1 ground coffee, 2 chocolate bars, 1 hot cocoa, 1 tea in a grass basket ($45 value)

Fair Trader Gift Basket includes 2 ground coffees, 4 chocolate bars, 1 hot cocoa, 1 tea in a grass basket ($60 value)

Tier 3=Your choice of prize worth $75. Do you need a spa day? Do you want to take your spouse to a great dinner date? Do you need a g/c to help with Christmas presents? This is 1 gift, 1 winner, your choice. $75 value.
We need to sell a minimum*total* (including entries from the first 2 Tiers) of 250 pencils to draw for Tier 3.
Tier 3 Items:A prize of winner's choice totalling $75. If your name is drawn for this prize, you can choose a gas card, restaurant gift card, gift card to Toys R Us, or whatever your heart desires, (for $75) as long as I can purchase the prize online and have it shipped directly to you.  We absolutely will put a restriction on this, as we are FAMILY with conservative values, so we will NOT purchase you a naughty magazine subscription, a case of beer or a gift certificate to the gift shop at your local nudist colony.  Moving on.

Questions?  Leave a message below

Ready?  Set...Here are the buttons to purchase your stickers/pencils and recieve your FREE bonus entries for the raffle!

5.00 sticker sheet+ 1 FREE raffle entry

20.00 pencil + 5 FREE raffle entries
After you click and purchase, remember to SHARE!!
Thanks so much and God Bless!
ONE FREE ENTRY PER PERSON! (All other entries are also free, but "bonus entries") a Rafflecopter giveaway

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