The Next Day

Wow, it feels GOOD to have a big thing behind us!  Corbin's surgery went well and he is such a trooper.  The nurses all laughed and joked about how smart, articulate and independent he is for such a young person.  He told the recovery nurse, "I don't want you talking to me right now."  Yepp, that's our boy!  I had brought him a sippy of coconut water and juice for him to drink in recovery and the nurse asked him, "Is that apple juice?"  He looked at her crazy and said, "NO!  It's just REGULAR juice!"  Once I got a hold of my bitty and got his clothes on him, they all cooed about how handsome he is.  Yepp.  My boy is so much like  his daddy!  He might get that sass and chatiness from his momma, though ;)

A new friend from small group came around 10am to hang out with Violet.  She is one lucky little duck, because they went to the Kansas City aquarium!  We haven't been there yet.  I was told that her very favorite parts were any parts with sharks.  My kids have a strange obsession with sharks.  haha

 On the way there he had lots of sass for momma.  He said he wanted to see the doctor, but he didn't want the doctor to fix his eye again.  Me either, bud.  To be fair, he was pretty hungry and thirsty and tired.  I was grateful that they put his cutoff time for food at 7am, though.  I woke him up early with sourdough pancakes, bacon, eggs and chocolate milk. 
 He felt a lot better once we got there and had a million toys to play with.  We had pre-registered, so all the time in the waiting room was for nothing.  We didn't get called back until 12.
 Once we went back and got his vitals (except he whined himself out of having to get his blood pressure taken) they asked him to change into his gown.  This did NOT last long...he wanted nothing to do with it.  We sat there a LONG time and he refused the goofy juice, too.
 There we are, sans jammies.  It was COLD in that room, I do not know how he was functioning like he was.  They finally came to get him about 1:30.  They took him back completely lucid, which was hard for me.  He reached for me and whined, and then when I was out of reach he covered his eyes and whimpered. 

In the waiting room I ate some lunch (I couldn't stand the idea of eating when he couldn't, so I was pretty shaky by that point.)  and was in there a little over an hour when the surgeon came down to let me know the surgery had gone great.  Then I had to wait 45 more minutes until he was out of the first recovery.
 Yeah, I look amazing...anyway.  He stayed naked that whole time, he didn't want the gown, he wouldn't let them put a blankie on him and he only wanted the stuff his mommy left with him (his favorite sheet with the alphabet on it and his sippy of juice.)  When they started wheeling him out, I could hear him telling the nurse, "I want my mommy now!"  I wanted my boy, too!
 We had to wait around for about 40 minutes because when he was in recovery he had a croupy cough so they gave him a breathing treatment.  During that time there was lots more sass and lots of cuddles and he got to have the rest of his juice, some goldfish crackers and some grapes.  He was really hungry!  When we finally got to leave, it took him all of about 7 minutes in the car to pass out again.  It's hard work to have a surgery.
 When we got home, he was still sleeping and daddy was home from work with the girls.  We took some time to clean up the house until he was ready to get up and when he came in, the girls were all over him.  He is their favorite little man!  We got him LOTS of food and he was so happy all night.  We all curled up and watched a movie together and passed out pretty quickly. 

Today has been lots of screaming and toddler-ness.  It's loads of fun, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm so glad to have Corbin home and healthy.  We have to keep him inside as much as possible for a few days, and give him eye drops that he hates 4x/day for 10 days, but that's okay.
And here is my handsome man.  I've been staring at this picture all day.  He's growing out his whiskers, which he has never done and he looks darn good!  To be fair, he ALWAYS looks pretty darn good, but he makes Kansas feel like home with his whiskers and sweater and this cold weather.  He's just so all-American.  Who are these beautiful people the Lord has given me?

Today is full of busy-ness, but it is only today.  I fed the sourdough starter, cooked and pureed the pumpkins, figured out dinner and meals for the boys while we're gone.  I did the rest of the laundry and fetched a dead chicken from the hen house (Corbin's hen died last night...we don't know why, there are no marks.  I'm sad about this when I stop to think about it, but we will bury her to help the kids grieve).  I still need to pack some bags for the me and the girls so we can leave first thing in the morning.

It's a crazy week, but we feel so blessed.  So many people have been praying for us and checking on us and loving on us and I'm amazed that we can so readily see God's presence in all of this and these people when everything should be falling apart.  By Tuesday we should have most of the big things taken care of...trip to see dad, the job situation.  Then we'll be moving onto other todays.

Love and miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I've sat through 4 tubes in ears, 2 lip surgeries and one brain surgery with my kids so I can relate to the wait. Mine were all pretty mellow though so I was fortunate.

Gayle said...

Why is this calling me anonymous?? It's been doing it all morning... this is Gayle at The White House!!