In like a Lion..

March is here and all the busy-ness that accompanies it is here, too. This week Allan is staying at a hotel in Dallas for a couple of nights to work on his senior project without interruption and as soon as he gets done with rotation on Thursday we're off to Florida for a week to do a Pampered Chef show for his sister and to visit with she and MIL. Hopefully it'll be warm. I have several shows booked this month, (WAHOO!), and I'm excited to see if I can book the next 3 months as full and more full than this one is. WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!

I suppose you'd all like to know why I haven't been online the last few days, though, and how the house is coming...Every day the guys working on the floor would disconnect our router because they needed to sand. Every evening when they were done, Allan would go reconnect it so I could get my fix for the night...err...run my business. Friday night they told Allan he couldn't go upstairs. Boohoo for a weekend of no internet, but YEEHAW for what we walked into this morning!!

Here you go!My first view of the beautiful floors from my kitchen.
The living room where, YES, there IS a fireplace. I know that may be shocking to all of you who saw our storage area, but it does exist and someday we will be able to read a book by a fire in that soon-to-be LIBRARY!
Our stairs from the top looking down.Grain's room. She said this is by far her favorite room and I thought, "good thing, since you'll be sent to it enough in your lifetime!" Really, though, we three girls were running through the house sliding on stocking feet and acting like hooligans. Even Violet seemed to sense the excitement and was crawling and sliding on her belly to her hearts content. That's all I've wanted since this project started, was a floor safe for my babies to crawl on and there it is! So I'm overjoyed right now.

I'm fighting the urge to run inside and lay out a sleeping bag on the floor! However, we decided that it would be a lot easier to paint the walls before we put furniture in, so we'll have to wait until we get back from Florida to move in. Bummer, but at least there is an end in sight now!! The guys working on the exterior said they'd be done next week, too. YIPPEE! We're having a great big ole' open house when this thing is done. Just please excuse the lack of trim and the still-not-updated kitchen!

Here are some more super-cute pix because I can't not share them.
Family movie night. Violet LOVES Coke!
Chill out, people, my kids don't get coke until they're at LEAST 11 months old and she's only 10 mo yesterday! The popcorn was also not popped yet and I only give her the soft pieces.
Yepp, it was warm enough to be nekkid in the swing. 80's that day! It got cold again this weekend, but it should be up to the 80's again by midweek.
HOW did she do that? And no...we weren't all standing around laughing at her as she crawled around crying cuz she couldn't get it off. We wouldn't do that! Not for too long, anyways...hehehe.

Hope all is well with everyone. We love and miss you all and pray that you feel as Blessed as we feel this week!


Jeanie said...

Beautiful Tara!! They are amazing! New refinished floors and a trip to Florida. I'm green with envy. At least wiggle your toes in the FL sand for me.

BTW, Love the pic of Vi all jumbled up in her tee. I would have been laughing my ass off!

Have fun in FL! Will miss ya!

mamamilkers said...

Oh wow, I've never had floor envy so badly!

eirrann said...

You guys have such beautiful floors!
And Violet must have doubled in length since we saw her...

Mary said...

Yay!!! They look so beatiful!!! I am so stinking excited for you guys!!! I've GOT to see the house when we're in town! (if that's ok with you, I guess...otherwise I'll just sneak in....jk) Miss you guys so much!!!

Gayle said...

I LOVE IT! Your house is beautiful...so worth the wait. Have a blast in FL (green with envy) and take lots of photos!