Floors...those beautiful floors!

This is a patch Allan had done where a wall previously was. Can you see the door frame? The guys we hired to do the floors said they would "lace" the repairs in so that it wouldn't look so obvious.
Here is the after! Obviously it's not been sanded or finished, but the wood was laced in and it looks great. They did this to the big hole in our living room and they're working on the dining room too.

Here is a big nasty water rot spot under the window before they came...

And there it is, (or rather, ISN'T), after they sanded it. You can still see some on the edge, but they got the hand sander out and fixed that, too. YAY!And these were the stain options. I really loved the one on the far left, but we chose the 3rd from the left instead. Lots of reasons, but it's pretty too. The guy called tonight and said that they'd be done by Saturday. Apparently the floors were waxed A LOT and it's taking a lot to sand them. That's okay, I can handle waiting an extra day for great floors. At least we're seeing some PROGRESS on that part of the house.

Now maybe we can get our electricity back in our garage. *sigh*


Gayle said...

I'm so happy for you all. You will move back into a nice and comfortable home without any worries. Just play time. I would give anything for someone to come in and finish our home so we could just enjoy life.

Jeanie said...

Hope you haven't updated your blog because you are busy moving back in!!