Primer n Paint

When we pulled in after our trip to Florida, we got to see a primered house. And then every single one of us thought, "maybe we should have had them paint it white..." since it looked so pretty white.
They didn't get it painted while we were gone because it rained all week last week.

BUT! They came this week! The whole thing is yellow now, but we're slackers and don't have pictures of that yet.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color! There's enough leftover that we can do the garage and the guest house if we want to. Note: this will probably NEVER happen unless we HAVE to to sell it. We are both so absolutely done with all things renovation and we still have SO MUCH left to do.
We've got our bedroom completely taped up and tarps on the floors so our nice new floors don't get all jacked up and Allan painted the ceiling today. Hopefully the walls will be painted by the end of the week and we can start moving back into that room, (and GraceAnne's...hers only needs touch ups), this weekend. I cannot wait to be out of this god-forsaken guest house! It has been 4 months and we're all about to kill each other.

Here's a lil something to make you giggle.


Gayle said...

You guys have such a nice house. I bet I wouldn't even complain about the guest house. Dude...I live in my garage! Love what you have! :)

Mary said...

Yay!!!! So...how's life in a mostly finished house now?!? I need more updates...of course, I get to SEE YOU this Saturday!! Yay!!!

I really think Violet was doing "The Sprinkler" move in her dancing. She's got her groove on!!! lol