The Doyles have Fun in the Sun

I could kick myself for forgetting our better camera, but the pix from the disposable I bought here in Florida are all I've got, so they're all you get, too. Hopefully I'll get some better shots between my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

We're having a great time and we're all trying to rest today before we leave on our long journey westward this evening. It's a LOOOONG 19 hours and the kids probably take it better than I do, but it's well worth it. I am sad to be leaving, but excited to go home to a new house, maybe. They are supposed to be done painting. We'll see tomorrow afternoon!
Violet is such a sweetie. She's been having a blast exploring this totally not kid-proofed house. This week is the most she's been able to be put down EVER. Her dirty knees and fingernails show it, too!
Allan and Trish. They aren't from the same family, are they? I guess those Doyle genes run THICK and DEEP.
Me at the fort in St Augustine. It was SO COOL! St Augustine is the oldest city in America and it's where Ponce DeLeon looked for the fountain of youth. This fort has a lot of history and I wish we could have stayed longer to read everything.
Daddy giving Violet ice cream at the zoo. MMMMMM.
Conked out after a long week! She's been sleeping a lot the last couple of days...so have I!
Me, Allan and Vi at the fort. GraceAnne was having a day with Mommers.
Allan and Vi at the beach...this was Violet's very first trip to the beach. She LOVED the sand, (and the salty tasting shells she kept licking!), and she was not sure at first about the ocean "getting her" but decided after a while that she loved it, too.
GraceAnne managed to only bring one shell with us, but she thoroughly inspected all the others. She had a blast at the beach and got to play there lots more than we did. She went 2x with Mommers while we did other things. The time we went with her, Vi and I slept in the car for a couple hours and so we only played for a few minutes, but boy was that nap sweet!
Allan, GraceAnne, Violet and Pat at the zoo. We love Brevard Zoo! This trip was our 3rd ever there and they've expanded it and made it even better. We really enjoyed the new kiddie area.

That's it for now, please keep us in your prayers as this is a LONG drive. Allan always drives it straight through. Feel free to give us a call tomorrow morning to find out about our progress/keep us company for a few minutes. I'm sure we'll be loopy and looking for distraction right about then!

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Gayle said...

I don't think any of your family has changed a bit since I last saw them at Aunt Lindas. Would you believe I worked for Trish once upon a time at Mailroom Express. Also, took care of her ex-husbands mother on Sunday's so they could get out of the house. Man, that was 15 years ago and then I end up marrying Homer. (I didn't even know him then) How odd is that?!