Busy Saturday

First thing's first...ain't she perdy!?! They finished painting the porch and our mailbox green today and put the shutters back on. YAY!

I spent the better part of the day in the yard working hard. We did get a little break at Miss Hannah's first birthday party, though. It was a lot of fun, but we all looked like some serious white trash, dirty and stinky and gross from working in the yard. Here's what we did that warranted all that nast:
I dug a hole! Since Allan only has 1 leg, I only have to break one to get him to fit!

Actually, it's for the duck pool. I found a design online I'm trying to replicate. I'll keep posting pictures of my progress as I go. For now I have to make that thing about a foot deeper. That outta keep me busy for a while.
I moved some irises from the neighbor's walkway to my fence. I've been meaning to move these for a long time, but just got around to it today. They probably won't bloom this year thanks to the trauma of moving, but at least they're moved. And you never know, they might just decide to show off for us...I had some I moved last spring that did.
I moved the grass I took out of the pool area and the iris bed to the bare patch where we removed the sidewalk. 2 springs ago I dug a big garden and transplanted grass to an old bed we were trying to incorporate into the lawn and it was quite successful, so I hope this attempt is as well. You can also see the sand pit on the far side of the new grassy knoll. This happens to be the girls' favorite part of the yard right now and it was totally on accident. I intend to move that sand into my hole and put dirt there so we can grow some grass but for now it keeps them entertained while I dig holes and move flowers.

Violet cut her 4th tooth. It's on the top. It's been trying to come in for 2 weeks now and it FINALLY cut through today. YIPPEE! I figured since this was originally a blog about her I should use it as my baby book at least until I actually find her real baby book and can fill it out.

I'm just putting this here because I'm pretty amazed this darned tree is still alive. This is the tree we got to celebrate Violet's birth and it survived its first Texas summer and winter! It's a willow and I'm super thrilled to see it get bigger. We LOVE willows! Oh yeah, and there's Allan in the background, raking. He raked up all the construction debris around the house. There was a lot of insulation and paint chips all over the place. The yard is awesome, now, so it matches the house! Go Allan! And a PERFECT ending to a LONG day...she's asleep on our bed in our room in our house. For the first time in 4 months. I will probably take lots of pictures of our second firsts in the house and you will probably get sick of it, but oh well...I've been waiting entirely too long to be back in here and I totally deserve to bug the heck outta ya with pictures of our return. Muahahahahaha!

Oh, and guess where GraceAnne is sleeping? In her OWN ROOM! 1 down, 1 to go. We will have freedom yet. About that time we'll get pregnant with twins. HAHAHA!

Hope all is well!


eirrann said...

I can't wait to see more photos!!!
The house looks amazing.

Gayle said...

Don't you just love doing yard work? It is my absolutely favorite thing to do. I wish I had a longer summer to do more.

Jeanie said...

QUACK! QUACK! Did they come today?????