I Win!

My cousin-in-law who runs the blog, "The White House" gave me an award. Now I'm going to finally post about it, even though it's been a while. She's so great and I love her blog and I think she's really talented, so to get a creative blogger award from her is exciting to me!
Here are my rules...I am supposed to write about 7 things I love and then pass the award on to 7 more blogs.
1. I love that I am posting this from my bed in my room in my house for the first time in 4 months. It's been too long and I am so glad to be home!
2. I love my babies...ALL of them. I love my big hairy baby, my step-baby, my drama queen and my ittle bittle. I fell into them, or I guess you could say God smacked me in the head with them, but I am all the richer for it and DEFINITELY a better person!
3. I love ducks, and I can't wait to get our package of 15 at the post office next month. I can't wait to walk into the post office and hear all the peeping and open the box in front of everyone there and count my sweet little peepers. It's gonna be so cool!
4. I love cooking. I love creating something that nourishes my family and makes them so happy. There's not much better than hearing Vi say "mmm!" and eagerly opening her tiny pie-hole or GraceAnne saying, "you make the best egg burritos EVER, Mommy!" or hearing Allan say, "this one is a keeper." I especially like when we're talking to Rhiya about being here soon and she asks me to "PLEASE make your biscuits and gravy!" Naturally I make those a couple times while she's here! :)
5. I love Texas. This is the only place I've ever lived that I feel completely and totally 100% at home. I love the people, I love the weather, I love the critters, (I do NOT, however, love the bugs!) There are things I miss about other places I've lived, but for the most part I could never leave Texas again and I'd be happy.
6. I love my husband. Yeah--I kinda already said that, but I have to say it more in depth. He is my protector, my provider and my best friend in the whole world. He's beautiful and sweet and funny and and and! Mostly I love that he loves me no matter what and supports me so well.
7. I love Jesus. My life has morphed so amazingly since I started walking with Him. I love that He knows I can't earn His love and just gives it to me anyway. I want to be more like Him.
And with that I tag Branch, Emily, Sybil and Mary. I don't know anyone else who would do it. I'd give it back to you, Gayle, but I think that's against the rules or something. Hmmmm...Stay posted tomorrow for more pix of the finished outside!

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Gayle said...

I've never been to Texas and although Homer left when he was a small child his face lights up when he talks about it. I think it is some place he was meant to be. Thanks for playing along.