3 Months Old!

WOW! Miss Violet is 3 months old today. On one hand it seems like it's all going so fast, (did we REALLY get our positive pregnancy test one year ago this month!?!), and on the other it feels like she's always been here, and joining us in May was just exactly what she's been waiting to do forever.

She's been such a Blessing to us, (as are all our children!), and had brought us so much joy! Violet is very calm, sweet and smiley. She is already giggling and "talking" to us. She mimics our actions, (she loves to play the "tongue" game and also smacks her thigh in response if we do the same), and our sounds. I think she will be very intelligent. She's also very strong! She rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time yesterday and can sit for a couple seconds at a time by herself. Of course, she's the cutest little thing and could win any beauty contest! Not as if I'm biased or anything!!

Violet is so loving, too! She's so different from her sisters in that she's cuddly and lovey and doesn't cry much. She's a lover, not a fighter. I think I will have to watch out for this one, because where GraceAnne wears her heart on her sleeve, Violet will be able to get away with anything with her hugs and love. Yes, I'm a sucker already! She makes me want to have more babies, and that scares me, because I've heard a million people say, "if you'd had your last one first, you'd have never had any more!"

I'll leave you with a video...sorry it's dark.

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