Too Cute!

They like to watch movies together. Violet likes anything GraceAnne picks out. Yes--I am aware it kills brain cells. Yes--she will probably have fewer brain cells than Gracie. No--I'm not worried about it. She only does it once a week or so and my kids are baby geniuses, so I'm sure she's just fine. ;)
Who can resist a man and his baby? Especially his baby girl! My hubby is so cute and he makes the cutest babies, too!
She likes to look down at me. I guess it's a new perspective, but it makes her giggle a lot!
There she is doubling over in laughter after looking at me from above. Blurry--but let's call it "artsy" ;)

Did I tell ya'll that the host special for Pampered Chef for October is 60% off the cookware? It's amazing cookware in Stainless Steel or the Executive finish (nonstick). Ask me how to get all kinds of other free stuff, too! :)

Love and miss you all!

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