As for Allan and Gracie...

Check out my rocker babies!
So I've told everyone about Pampered Chef and about Violet's obsession with her Beatrice Bunny, (found at the checkout counter at Central Market), and her thumb. What I've failed to mention in a while is Allan and GraceAnne.

Allan got done with school on the 5th. For the last two days he visited a prothetics shop in Irving, (near DFW airport), and made me bring him his laptop so I could see the place. It was immaculate. In case any of you has never been in a prosthetics lab, allow me to paint a picture. Imagine the messiest garage you've ever seen in your life. Now picture it lit well with fluorescent bulbs, tape on the floor in random spots and plaster smeared EVERYWHERE. Allan usually complains that he spends most of his time looking for a darned tool instead of actually doing his job. He's been fitted at, volunteered at and now done rotations at several facilities, so he knows this is a common theme with these shops. This place he was at in Irving was amazing. Each station was color coded with its own tools and had pegboard for the tools to stay organized at said station. The floors were so clean they could probably be eaten off of. Allan has found his dream and I asked him if he'd consider doing his residency there, to which he said no. Why? Because they only do upper extremity orthotics & prosthetics. :( Hopefully he can inject a little organization into whatever shop he ends up doing his residency in and then whichever facility he ends up working in. I know how clutter drives him mad.

He's been very busy during his off time. We decided we'd stop feeling sorry for ourselves about the house not getting done, (will they EVER FREAKIN BE HERE???), and work on someone else's house. A couple we are friends with from church hate their house--very long story as to why they live there and coming from a woman's point-of-view, I understand. The livingroom was done in paneling, (not the nice historic stuff, but the nasty Irish immigrant 1970's crap), and was very dark and uninviting. The husband works a lot and very hard and doesn't have a lot of time to do things around the house, (although he's quite good at them! He put in a beautiful tile floor that will make this room look GORGEOUS!) Allan has spent the better part of the last week ripping down popcorn ceiling, (double ick), and pulling down the paneling and re-mudding and taping the sheetrock beneath. Today he's priming everything and tomorrow they will be painting a lovely pale yellow with a brick red accent wall that our friends picked. They have been such troopers letting us into their home to rip it up, create dust and we are so much better for the whole process. We love them to pieces and I truly hope they're thrilled with the new livingroom. It looks so different already!

GraceAnne has been getting back to her old self since Rhiya left. It's the strangest thing to watch her go from being the oldest to being the middle. In some ways it's wonderful and in other ways it's very frustrating. She basically turned into a tiny monster over the summer and got in trouble A LOT. Now we're readjusting to her being a big girl and having some responsibility again. I know the emotions run high for the kids, (all of them!), with the changes that happen. She's feeling better now, but she really misses her sister. I feel so sad for her. But! She's starting school again on the 2nd of Sept. and she's thrilled! I'll be glad to have her around some kids her own age again and I've heard VERY good things about this pre-K program. It's only 2 days per week again, but that should be okay. I'd like to get her into dance classes this fall as well. We'll see.

I'm not sure how much I'll be updating this for a while. The month of September will be just crazy with Pampered Chef stuff and getting back into the swing of school things. Allan's fall semester will be easy-as-pie and he'll be home most of the time, so I'm sure we'll be on-the-go a lot. (WOOHOO!) But I will update as frequently as possible, if for nothing else but to post pictures!

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