Is it over yet?

The summer, I mean. I love the warm weather, I really do. I'm a sun baby and I think I was always meant to live someplace warm, but this is beyond warm. This is ridiculous. It's been over 100 degrees for weeks now and we've had no rain. Last year was so cool and rainy until July and we never really got above 90. This year is insane. We can't even go outside to play in the water and cool off, because there is no relief. The water is hot and you get fried to a crisp the second you set foot out there. We've broken the record for hot weather in this area. I can't wait for it to cool down!!

Then I talked to Morris, (the guy working on working on our house), and he was a little elusive as to what is going on with the house re-building process. Well, I talked to our Vet Rep, Tamara, who hooked us up with these guys in the first place, because if she harrasses them she doesn't sound like an ungrateful punk...she said they are having trouble raising the money because it's a very *expensive* project. I wish they could keep us in the know with these things. At least now we know specifically what to pray for. I'd just really like them to have this stuff *started* by the time Violet is crawling. It's a hazard for a baby. There is not one room she can play in safely.

Then we saw this SWEET red Maverick. It is SO BEAUTIFUL. We're looking for a "backup" car for when the weather is too bad for Allan to ride his scooter. We had set aside 2k for the thing. The Maverick is one of my dream cars...so sweet! Anyway, it's 3k and I scratched around and pecked and we can manage 2606.00, but that's not enough. The guy said he was "pretty" firm on the 3k, but would go down a little. But not $400. Yeah--I'm so pathetic I even considered selling some of my diapers to get the money for this car. (No, I won't do that. I'm not *really* dumb, I just think like a dumb person sometimes!)

Plus Rhiya is gone and it feels so WRONG to drive to the airport with 3 kids and drive home with 2. The babies are even sad about it. Even if she gets on my nerves sometimes, (which of my kids doesn't??), I miss her like crazy and I hate saying goodbye. What I hate more than that is trying to explain to a 4-year-old why she can't have her sister. "Her mommy misses her" doesn't cut it anymore. She told me two visits ago, "Well, I miss her, too, can't WE keep her?" :(

My real issue isn't what we can't do or what we don't have, my issue is that I'm having a stupid pity-party and can't seem to shake it. We started reading The Purpose Driven Life, so maybe that will help. I need to get out of this little funk.

A good friend of mine made that wonderful picture at the top for me. She's so fabulous with that sort of thing. She also made Vi's birth announcements. I keep telling her she should charge, because she's REALLY good at it and enjoys doing it. I know she could use the extra money. So Ginger...MAKE IT A BUSINESS, because you're just that good and I totally would do it for money if I had half your talent! ;)

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