My Monkey Babies

Hahahaha! My kids have my husband's ears!! Aren't they hilarious? Since they're girls you can't really tell until they have their hair up or you see an ear peeking out from behind the tresses. It's so cute, though. And they like to show them off, as you can see!
Rhiya leaves tomorrow and we'll all be so sad. :( She's been such a help with Violet and while it's frustrating to raise 3 kids, it's been a fantastic experience for all of us this summer. We're learning some better ways to exert our boundaries and better ways to deal with each other. Those are definitely lessons we needed to learn. GraceAnne is getting better at being calm about situations instead of screaming or melting down, Rhiya is learning to trust us when we tell her something and I'm realizing more and more the tone of my voice. It's been a lot calmer this last week, after being HECTIC for the last 3. As usual, just when we settle into a good routine, it ends. :( I know there will be tears tommorrow.
Look at this big girl!! She's jumping in her excersaucer already. I can't believe how much she's grown in the last few months. It'll only be a few more months before she's terrorizing my floors, (oh dear, I'd better start mopping now!!), and talking to us in more than just baby babbles.

Allan is doing his last day of class for the summer semester as I type! I'm so glad to get to keep him for 20 days! Last year his break was only 10 days and it wasn't enough. His fall semester will be exceedingly easy, (spoiling me again!), because he doesn't have rotation. This means he'll only be gone 3 days per week. WOOHOO!! We've been so Blessed in that he gets to really be involved with the kids while they're small. When GraceAnne was born he was between the Army and school, so he got to stay with us for 3 months and now we get to keep him fairly frequently, too. I'm soaking it up, because I know the next one won't get that luxury. I don't know what I'll do when Allan actually has a 9-5 schedule all the time!

I actually have an update, too! I'm going to start selling Pampered Chef. I'm really excited about this. I started looking into it because the September host special is 60% off the pots and pans which I've been DROOLING over for a long time now. When I got to looking at the catalogue, I saw that the consultant kit is really cheap for a lot of the stuff I really want. When I met with the consultant I've been talking to about the party, I realized that this is right up my alley. I'm always looking for excuses to get together with people, meet new people and cook! This will be fantastic! So anyone who wants to buy some Pampered Chef, let me know in September. I need to get my sales to $1250 in Sept. to become "qualified" and get my website and wedding registry priveleges. Then you can all order online through me anytime and I'll get the credit :) I'm really looking forward to this, please wish me luck and pray for me!

Hope all is well with everyone...we love and miss you all!

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