A Better Week

Well, Allan and I went on our first totally sans babies date in a REALLY long time last night. We went to RuthsChris...YUUUUUUUUUUM!!! I must encourage everyone to go if ever given the opportunity. It was fabulous! On the way home, however, we decided we cannot go without Vi for a few months yet. She was less than ecstatic about her milk bar leaving and fussed most of the evening. Poor baby! I am so grateful, though, that we have friends who will deal with that for us so we can get a few hours away. We are so Blessed!
We did find a car...it's not a Maverick, but it's still pretty darned sweet! It's a 1966 Ford Falcon. It drove us home from Fort Worth and it's in really good shape. It's enough of a project to make Allan happy, but not so much of a project that he can't drive it to school when the weather is too crappy for the scooter. THAT makes ME happy. It has a little 289 in it, (read: V8), so I have grand dreams of tearing off the line at a stoplight and making everyone's jaws drop. Allan said it can be that way someday because the engine is just that good. YAY! Most awesome thing about this car?? It was only $1300, leaving enough money leftover from our savings for the car to get a new stove for me. Since I'm going to be hosting a million Pampered Chef parties soon, (we hope and pray!), we decided I should have a slightly better kitchen. For anyone who has not seen my gorgeous stove...it's a 1984 beauty with burners that heat extra hot on one side and not so hot on the other, giving me even cooking and an oven that makes quick work of any pizza crust while leaving the top gooey and raw. About the only good thing about that stove is that it has a "double" oven...there's a small oven on top...so it works out great at Thanksgiving.
Violet got a new friend. Her name is Beatrice. Beatrice will be the equivalent of Foo-Foo. If you haven't met the Foofinator, he is GraceAnne's best friend. He's a white bunny that Allan's cousins gave to her when she was 6 weeks old. She has been obsessed with him ever since. We attached him to her on purpose and he has done his job well over the years, comforting her. We now have THREE Foo-Foos and she still likes to snuggle all of them. There is a pretty funny story with why we have "all dem Foo-Foos," but that can wait for another blog. Or I'll probably forget. Whichever! At any rate, Violet loves Beatrice and I'm going to have to find another. If anyone happens to be cruising Central Market and sees a Beatrice Bunny, please pick her up. I'd be eternally grateful! I didn't see anymore of them at ours.Violet has also discovered her thumb. Just within the last week she has decided it is her buddy. At first I was upset about this, but it is so stinking cute and makes her so happy that I have decided I don't care. My thoughts on it are this: She won't go to college sucking her thumb, (hopefully not even Kindergarten!), and since she's my kid she'll likely need braces anyways, so I'm at peace with it. Besides, it's attached to her. Unless I want to hover over her all day and constantly replace her thumb with a binky and listen to her wail over the whole ordeal, I'm just going to have to give in.

I'll update about Allan and GraceAnne soon. Big things going on around here...busy things! Love and miss you all!

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eirrann said...

I lied, one more comment :)
Bigtime car envy on the Falcon!
I dream someday of rebuilding a 1964 1/2 Falcon ragtop. If ever I am back in the states, I plan to make it a priority...