The Best of Months, the Worst of Months

I can't believe July is almost done. It's been a great month and we've been so busy, but I'm glad to say it's almost over, really. My emotions have been at full tilt and I am having trouble dealing with a lot of things right now. The best medicine for that is to talk about all the good stuff, so here goes:

Rhiya got here on the 5th, as you all know and she'll be with us until the 6th of August. She's growing up and while that is sometimes frustrating, (couldn't they all be cuddly and sweet like Vi forever?), it's neat to see. I'm just grateful we get to see her sometimes and we get to spend an extended period of time with her in the summers. Both she and GraceAnne are obsessed with their baby sister and that couldn't make me any happier!

The girls worked on a lemonade stand this month. They put it up two weekends in a row and had a lot of fun making money, but also learned about business. I *tried* to teach them about thinking ahead, inventory, not eating our profits, reinvesting and tithing on our earnings. The first weekend they made $55 and the second weekend it was more around $24. They haven't done it again yet, I'm not sure if they will, but the first weekend they opened it, the Ennis Now magazine came to take their picture and we're hoping to see them in it next month. How fun!

Allan's buddy from the Army--Chris, Chris' wife Katya and Chris' twin brother Don came to stay with us for a weekend, too. Since Chris left the Army, he's lived in Russia and he and Allan haven't seen each other in 7 years. We had a lot of fun with them! Even though I was nervous to meet people who mean so much to Allan, they are so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I'm sure I had talked to them way too much by the time they left, but I must say it was nice to have some adult conversation. While they were here we went to Lake Bardwell and had a picnic lunch of brats and chicken and veggies. It was a great time and the kids got to swim, so everyone was very happy! We were sad to see them go and hope they have a great time on the rest of their trip. Since they've gone we've been talking about saving up to go to Russia sometime. Allan has always wanted to visit there and I think it'd be a great time. Now if I can just get him to start listening to his Russian tapes again and teaching the kids!!
Allan's sister, Trish came to visit for a weekend, as well. It was so great to have her here and I wish she could come once a month! The kids enjoy her just as much as we do, (maybe more, even!!), and she's so great to them. She really makes an easy house guest, for sure. While she was here we went to the Farmer's Market, took the kids to make mosaics and made GraceAnne a princess canopy for her bed. We were all very sad to see her go!
So now that the month is almost done, I'm almost ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Allan has 20 days off of school coming up after next week and I'm looking forward to having some time with my husband and getting some help with the kids. I did ask for a busy summer, didn't I? Well, I got it. Thank You, Lord! :)

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eirrann said...

One of my last comments tonight :)
We had such a great time visiting you. Hopefully, global financial crisis notwithstanding, we can get guys to come see what Russia's all about while we're still here. And maybe we'll be done rebuilding our "country house" by then, and there'll actually be somewhere to stay!