Well, my computer decided to take a dump on me, so Allan thought he'd wipe it clean and reinstall the OS. We figured it'd be a 2 day project to move all of my important stuff onto the external drive, wipe the computer and get it rebooted. WRONG--one of the discs has some scratches on it so the computer won't read anything. We have to order new discs and they can take 7 business days to reach us. Fantastic. So in the mean time, I have nowhere to download my photos and nowhere to vent my frustrations. I sneak on Allan's laptop when I can find a spare moment, but I won't be updating this much until we get my PC up and running, because this thing is a pain in the butt.

Everything is going well with the girls. They had a lemonade stand this weekend and made $55. I was trying to teach Rhiya about business and responsibility and serving the public. I think some of it sunk in, but the biggest motivator was the money, of course. They intend to put it up every weekend to make some spending money for the summer. Ennis NOW magazine came out to take their pictures. It should be published in the next edition of the magazine. HOW COOL! Rhiya is pretty excited about that.

Violet is getting so big and she's so interactive now. She really likes to be talked to and loves to talk back. I got my first fantastic giggle out of her a week or so ago. I almost cried. GraceAnne wouldn't laugh at me until she was 5 months old, so this is pure bliss and I'm eating it up. She loves to talk to her daddy--he and her sisters are her whole world.

I'll cut the update short here. I know it gets boring without pictures to look at. Hopefully within the next week. Hope all is well with everyone!

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