Happy Independence Day!

I broke out the Nikon for the first time since Vi was born today. Not the greatest results, as it was impromptu and my backdrop is very make-shift, but cute, nonetheless.

Happy Independence Day to everyone out there! Today makes me think of my husband--who served in Iraq--and my Grandpa Wendell--who served in Korea. I know that both fought for what they believed was right and all the while they were gone, longed for the types of things we do today to celebrate this nation's independence. So I will be sure to be super-grateful for their sacrifices, (Allan of his leg and Grandpa of his new bride), as we take the kids swimming with friends and grill burgers today...I will give an extra measure of appreciation as we stand in awe of the fireworks tonight...I will thank God that he brought the two most important men in my life back from war relatively unscathed...and I will pray for all the men and women who continue to serve this country.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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Glad to see you had a great holiday!! Can't wait to see pictures of all 3 of your girls!!