All Our Babies...

...in one spot!! Rhiya got here on Saturday and we've been running non-stop since. I suspect the whole month will be like this and go way too fast. Before I post pix of Rhiya and GraceAnne, let me show you a SUPER CUTE picture of Allan and Vi. Don't beat me--this is the way they uploaded, folks!
AWWW, aren't they the sweetest?!?

Here's GraceAnne and Rhiya with a "nest" they made. GraceAnne said there were 100 eggs, but Rhiya informed me there were actually only nine. Either way--adorable!
Here they built a fort in GraceAnne's room. They were pretty creative, I must say, because they had to figure out how to make it without chairs. I told them they weren't allowed to cart the chairs upstairs.
And because I absolutely can't resist my husband being cute with the baby, here's another. She's helping him out! Don't they look like a couple of geeks, staring at the screen with an R2D2 shirt on? SO CUTE!
Everyone is fully enjoying Rhiya being here. She and GraceAnne are getting along pretty fabulously. What never ceases to amaze me is how young I realize GraceAnne is when Rhiya is here. She really is *only* four. Whatever that means to us adults, it apparently means a need for much love, attention and playtime for kids. I'm sure that seems fairly obvious to you all, but having a child who acts at least 3x her age makes it difficult to remember at times.

Hope all is well with you all! We love and miss you.


mamamilkers said...

Oh my gosh, look at Rhiya!!!! She is so lovely. I can't get over how much those three girls look like each other. Allan has some strong genes! Beautiful girls you've got there :)

Emily said...

AHH! How fun!!

Branch said...

I like all the pictures... they do all look so much alike.