N.A.M. Miracle #9

I requested our adoptive parent packet Monday morning. (November 7th)

**BACK UP** Remember that hat?  Well, I had initially said I would pick it up at the next Cloth Diaper Group meetup.  Then the car broke down and it appeared that it would not be fixed anytime soon, so I asked her to please mail it instead.  She invoiced me for shipping a couple days later and then she had some problems several mornings in a row that prevented her from getting to the post office.  I had absolutely no idea when to expect the hat to come and I wasn't overly concerned about it since I didn't have a head to put it on yet.  **Keep this in mind for later**

The packet showed up Tuesday. Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend another birth.  This birth went very quickly and I was home by 10pm, buzzing, literally, with the excitement of welcoming a new life and the joy that always accompanies a natural birth. 

We stayed up that night, filling it all out. Allan had to finish his part of the questionnaire on Wednesday morning and then we prayed over the packet together. I intended to walk up to the post office with the kids that morning and drop it off, since our mail lady is forever late.

I packed it all up and told the kids where we were going.  They were very excited and talked about "more babies" the whole way to the post office.  We all prayed over the packet together before we put the extra postage on it and waved goodbye.  Then we walked home.

And as soon as I walked in the door I remembered I had forgotten to put our $15.00 check inside of the envelope.  I dug through my paperwork and called Loving Alternatives.  The phone rang once and *our* case worker picked up.  Now, I don't know if that is typical service, but it was pretty darned awesome.  I rather expected a long wait and then an answering machine for me to leave my message on (this was how we requested the packet).  So I talked to her and explained what had happened and she advised me to wait until the next packet came or to just put another envelope in the mail.  Since I lack organizational skills and was afraid I would forget next time, too, I went and put another envelope with the check in it on the mailbox. 

Allan came home for lunch that day around 11:30 and I noticed that the envelope was gone, indicating the mail had come 5 hours earlier than usual.  I reached in the box and found a squishy little package with what else inside?  The hat.

Wow.  That's really all I can say about that.

Hope you're having a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday this year.  I hope you *know* that God is right there with you, even if people you love are not.  I pray this series is touching your heart.  Love and miss you all!

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