Catching it all up

And I think with telling you that we recieved our formal application on November 17th and mailed it back on the 21, we're all caught up.  There have been other amazing things (like hearing an adoption story from everyone we meet now) on the way and there will be many more.  I will try to get back to regularly writing about what's going on here and posting pictures of the kids....it's gotten bare over here at the blog since I tend to post to facebook.  I just never know who really reads over here (though I *know* I have some readership, based on the numbers!  Y'all rock, send a "hello" sometimes :) )

Thanksgiving was great, we had lots of people over, after thinking it would be just us this year.  I had a few custom pies to make that turned out great!  I hope to have more during the Christmas season. 
Pumpkin Cheesecake ($20)
Our apple pie

Our cheesecake (this one was fabulous, but would be $30 due to the massive amounts of cream cheese in it...5 pkgs!)
One of our pumpkin pies and some pie crusts for the kids
Sweet potato pie-$15

Apple pies-$15 each

The pictures really don't do justice because they were taken with my iPhone.  I lost my memory card, so my camera is not functional at the moment.  I must remedy that soon, because Rhiya will be here (!!) and I can't *not* take pictures while she's here. 

Corbin is starting to show interest in potty training so now I get to buy potty training pants, WHEEE!!  He'll be 2 next month and while his cloth diapers are adorable, I'm ready to put them away until the next little person comes home with us. 

We slaughtered our meat chickens last week (and boy are they tasty!  No joke, best chickens EVER!) and since then, I guess the predators smell the blood because a raccoon got one of our girls last week and we all walked up on a hawk eating another of our girls yesterday.  We now only have 4 laying hens and we're all pretty sick about it.  Praying for LOTS of rain to wash away that smell. 

We've started decorating for Christmas and I LOVE IT!  I have been secretly listening to Christmas music since the beginning of November again.  I think I may be losing my edge in my old age ;P

I kinda feel like this is a let-down of a post, so I apologize, but I am a little worn out this weekend, with a full-steam-ahead week coming up.  I pray you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend. 


Gayle said...

Very beautiful pies. I'd have to charge much more as the ingredients would be much more here. I bet they were tasty.

Queen Couponer said...

I read faithfully! Your pies and cheesecakes look SO good!