Homeschool kids have all the fun

I realize many of you do things like this and send your kids off to school, but the title was catchy.

Believe me when I say that these 2 can tear a school/toyroom up in NO time flat. In fact, they inspired the great toy packing of 2010. After cleaning the room up daily so we could walk into a clean schoolroom in the morning and then not even being able to walk out at the end of the day, I decided to put away 2/3 of the toys. It's much easier to keep tidy now, but they can still trash it pretty fast.
Her eyes are this amazing green color, and as great as this new camera (I got an Olympus PEN and I'm IN LOVE!!) is, the photo still doesn't do her justice.

Corbin doing what he does best, creating chaos where there was previously order.

BUT! Bribery is a strong incentive. When we took the big girls to Medieval Times on New Year's Eve, GraceAnne found a "princess hat" she wanted desperately. I looked at the p ricetag and promptly choked and redirected attention to the little stuffed unicorn that was much more economical. To abate the tears, I promised we would make one. So today we went to Walmart to buy fabric and I told her that we would not be making another mess until this one was cleaned up.

So first I made a cone for her out of a box from Mom's Best cereal. Fitting name, I think. Then she helped cut the fabric to fit over the cone.

Gluing it on.

And what is a princess hat without frill? She also made some flowers to put on, but I forgot to load those pix.
The finished product! She was much happier than she looks with it, but she had just gotten in trouble for not keeping her brother away from me while I was using the hot glue gun. She was too busy watching me attach the last of the frillies to notice him climb up to grab my camera, (that is a cardinal sin around here...no tiny paws on my photographic equipment!) and whilst my fingers were full of ribbon and hot glue, there was a small panic. No worries, though. Camera and disposition were saved.

All before 2pm. I love it. For every grueling day when I slink out of the disastrous schoolroom with every shred of dignity and pride stripped away, (and there are plenty) it's days like this that make me remember why we thought this might be a good idea in the first place. Looking back over the first part of our year, she has learned so much, (so have I!) and grown tremendously. I have been on the verge of quitting so many times and I probably will be again tomorrow, but we're doing it. And despite everything, days like this confirm that she will probably be in my little schoolroom for 2nd grade, too. Praise God!


Mary said...

I LOVE your title...lol! My gosh, Violet is getting so big! She looks more and more like GraceAnne all the time!! I'm sure it's more stressful than I can imagine to do what you're doing, but as I KNOW you, I know you're doing an awesome job!!

Gayle said...

I'm sure you are doing better than you are giving yourself credit for. Home schooling is hard work and isn't all roses like one might believe. It takes a lot of time and commitment and it sounds like you are giving it your all. If, one day, you decide to send her to public school do not beat yourself up over it. Kids need different things at different ages. What works today might not work tomorrow and vice versa. I know lots of kids who have gone back and forth depending on their age and needs. At the end of the day as long as you are having fun the learning will happen. Good luck.