Good Things!

Good thing I tucked those plants into bed on Friday! Here's what came on Sunday...
See them peeking through the snow?? It's starting to melt today, so I think it'll be okay. If it's not melted by tonight I'll go out there and brush the plants off.

Then last night we spent time with some good friends, (the ones with the cows) and the kids had a BLAST which allowed we adults to have a good time, too. She also does cloth and we ordered these dipes from the same woman. Such cute babies!
I can't begin to describe the awesomeness of the things God has revealed to me between yesterday and today. I want to shout them from the rooftops but I need to figure out a way to make them 1. comprehendable and 2. short enough that anyone will actually be interested in reading. It may have to be a 3 part series. Ever felt like simultaneously falling on the floor to weep with brokenness and being vaulted to new heights with elation? That's what these 2 days have been. I'll be back.


Mary said...

I'm all for a thorough 3-part series!!! :) Love ya!

Gayle said...

Nice to see you getting a little snow! :)