Answers: Part 2 (of 3)

So here is where I fear I will lose some of you. This *is* completely worth the listen. Let me set it up...

Sunday morning we did what we always do and got to church. The nursery worker was there, but the kids were FREAKING out, so we let them stay with us through sunday school. After that was over, I attempted to take them into the sanctuary, but about the 3rd time I had to threaten Violet to sit down and be quiet, (really, I don't mind antsy kids in service, it is utterly BORING to them, but we're talking crawling around under the pews and disrupting other people physically) I took the two little ones and we left. I was SO angry, I really can't put this into words. I wasn't angry at them, per se, just angry that I couldn't stay and listen and I so needed the Lord to say something to me. I turned on the radio, which is usually tuned to a Christian music station, but I had become irritated with their advertising, so I had changed it to the Christian talk station a couple days prior. It was a live service from Dallas and I tuned in just in time to hear a great praise song. As we drove around, I heard the rest of the sermon and believe me, there are very few times I've ever been spoken to so very clearly through another person. This was a sermon I will never forget, it touched me so much.

click HERE to see the video. Start at 25:04. I promise you it is amazing and well worth the time. I even had a pastor friend say he has NEVER heard a better one.

I was so pumped up about this that I had to have Allan listen to it as soon as we got home. Then I wanted to play it for friends. So far, I have heard it a total of 3 times and I am still not tired of it.

Then I went to my inbox and was going through e-mails and came across this as the Daily Word: The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places ... and you shall be like a watered garden.--Isaiah 58:11

Yes, I should say so! This all tied together because it's the same tune we're singing, just another facet to it. Wait till you hear what I read the following morning and hopefully you'll see what I'm going on about. It's pretty great stuff.

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