Making Christmas #4: Christmas at the Banks'

I don't have any pictures because I'm a bum, SORRY!! But on the 4th, we went to a Christmas party hosted by some friends from church. We don't attend EVERYTHING we're invited to, but we try to make it to as many as possible, (as long as we don't get too freaked...the point is to have fun and enjoy the season, not to see who can throw the biggest fit!)

The Banks' party is one I want to always go to for a few reasons:
1. Their house is AMAZING and the kids love to run around in the 50's diner room
2. We always see lots of good friends
3. Livia makes the most amazing Christmas treats and there's only 1x/year to get them!

I really wouldn't have posted this, but I wanted to share with you all one super amazing thing from the party...

Ralin was born 2 months before Corbin. They play together in the nursery at church, but I don't know to what extent because I'm never in there. When Ralin and his parents walked into the party, Corbin got really excited. I put him down and he walked right over to Ralin and gave him a HUG and a KISS! I couldn't even believe how gentle he was. All night long he'd find Ralin wherever he was and hug him. He was even leaning his head to the side to lay on his friend's shoulder and patting his back. Who knows what Ralin thought, but I was ecstatic. My little man is a LOVER and he's precious as all get out :)

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Mary said...

That is so sweet!! Your kids are so stinkin awesome cause they got great parents like you!!! (and you know, that guy you married...jk jk)