Making Christmas #2: The parade

Every year our town has a Christmas parade. Every year but 1 it has actually been REALLY cold during the parade. It's never on the same day, but it is always cold. Pretty cool if you ask me! Oh, and by the way, I realize that I probably need a better camera for Christmas, but it is what it is for now.
We laughed pretty hard at the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard and the Hazzard County Sheriff
The last 2 years our little Gracie-Rayne has been in the parade! Can you see her in the middle of the very front, waving the highest? She's a daisy scout. We always cheer like crazy people while she goes past. In a small town, anyone could be a part of the parade, really, but we still feel like it's super special.

Of course, the best part of these Christmas things is family and friends. We met up with some really good friends of ours to watch the parade together. They have 2 of the sweetest little grandbabies! Violet and Hayden are about the same age and Corbin and Jaida are about the same age. We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

my little man! I just love to snuggle and cuddle him. He's not as cuddly as Violet was, but that doesn't stop me from soaking up every minute I can.

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