Corbin's Birthday

Way late...we've been a bit swamped!

breakfast of champions! :)
Terrorize the sisters--but they like it.
Open a present from Gramma...but wait on the rest till evening.
Clean up the mess we made opening the present. He's a tidy guy like his dad.
play in the toyroom, because school must go on!

Eat lunch from McDonald's because mom had to run keys out to dad on the ranch at lunch time. So we all got happy meals.
Mom bakes blue-striped cupcakes for the celebration!
lots of blue-BECAUSE WE FINALLY CAN!!!

Mexican for dinner. The BEST mexican next to Marie's (a friend who used to live here and cook mexican for us every week).

A very happy boy on his birthday!
And to finish our day, cupcakes, ice cream and presents at a couple very good friends of ours house. We are so grateful to have people who will step in as family since we are so far away from ours. I was so sad that we couldn't have a party for Corbin. I didn't plan enough in advance and so everyone was too busy. But Hope and Jeff said "c'mon over and we'll do it here" so we celebrated with them and their daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. It was great!
Yeah, we got him naked for the big event.
Blue crumbs are adorable!
Jeff is REALLY excited about that present, LOL!
Oh my goodness that Rex doll is so cute. All the kids love to make it squeak. How cool we have a little boy to get dinosaurs for his birthday.
Corbin LOVES Jaida. He even tackled her to give her a kiss. Such a lover...just needs to work on his form. HA!
I got a little more to post...we'll see if it happens tonight. Things are a little interesting around here at the moment.

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