Making Christmas #3: The Trains

Every year Northpark mall has a huge train display set up for Christmas. Allan loves trains and this year he has a son to share the trains with, so we HAD to go. The girls love it, too.

Little conductors!

The train tree. We may consider doing something like this some coming year...it was VERY cool.

Yes, my son is in his diaper...in public. But that's part of that not stressing about things during the holidays deal. He peed through his diaper on the way up and his pants were soaked. It was toasty warm in the mall, so he just got carried most of the time and whoever didn't like it could deal with it. He had a blast!

I can't explain it, and I used to think it would make me really mad if somehow having a son to show these things to made Allan "happier" than it made him to show the girls. He has been the most amazingly fabulous dad for little girls and they have been exposed to everything from being little ballerinas to working power tools to watching dad fix the car. There is just *something* about doing "boy" things with a little boy. It's not better, per se, just different and deeply satisfying. I suppose in the same way I tear up with joy when I see my little girls in the quintessential Christmas dress. I have always been so proud to see my man with his daughters, but seeing him with his son just lights up a whole new part of my life I didn't know could exist. I suppose kids are just funny that way, period.


Gayle said...

So very true about the kid thing... boys and girls definitely play a different role in the hearts of the parents. All loved the same, but some things are just different.

I have to dig up some photos for you. My sister-in-law used to construct huge mountains in the corners of her livingroom. The train ran around the entire room, up and down, bridges, ponds, trees, people. It was amazing. I've always wanted to do that. I have one very nice train set that I won and someday I will do what she did.

Trina said...

The trains are always fun! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays. LOL @ Corbin's diaper! Makes me smile even more that you didn't make a fuss about it. That's one of my favorite things about you!