Think of people with power…how few people they probably truly care for. Some of them would sell out their own families for a little more power. Consider Sadaam Hussein, Adolf Hitler. Even thinking back on the good ones, how many people do you believe they truly cared for? Maybe as few as their immediate family? Princess Di probably cared for thousands, but do you suppose she cared for millions? The most caring person I can think of would probably be Mother Theresa and I’m willing to bet that she cared for millions, but how about everyone who ever came or ever will?
Imagine one of these powerful people asked you to lunch. Barack Obama himself called you and asked you out for lunch because he wanted to impart some wisdom to you. The CEO of a fortune 500 company called you for a brunch date at your home-town IHOP because he decided he cared enough for YOU that he wanted to give you some knowledge on how he got from the streets of the Bronx to where he is today. Would you take some time off of work? Would you brag to everyone around you that these people were interested in “little old you?”

And so it is with God…I see that He holds ALL the power. He created the heavens and the earth and He created all that is in it and with the blink of His eye He could end it all or Bless it all and He gave us these wonderful gifts—like free will and being able to enjoy a spouse and being part of the miracle of gestation and child birth. But mostly what brings me to my knees in awe is that He cares deeply for ME. He who holds the most power--the creator of all that exists cares that I ache on the inside over the loss of my baby. He cares deeply that I am having a hard time caring for my living children the way I should and He’s not mad at me…He’s weeping with me. He knows me intimately and STILL He longs for a relationship with me. Not one where I am just in reverence of Him, but one where He speaks back to me and I hear Him. He doesn’t just care for me now…the Christian Tara who goes to church and reads her bible every morning, but He cared for me THEN…the unbelieving Tara who spewed her doubts on every baby Christian she could find—taking pride in the fact that she could make them question their faith.

The all-powerful, almighty God of the universe wants desperately to have lunch with us but what do we usually tell Him? “Sorry, Lord…I’m real busy today. The dishes are piled up and the laundry needs folding.” “Sorry, Lord…I need to get to work, I’m running late.” Do we boast to our co-workers, relatives and friends that He wants to meet us and come to us in our place? He’s flying a big old jetplane to see ME in my home on my terms and do we tell anyone about how intimately He cares about “little old me?”

God can Bless us so much more fully than the people we choose to align with power. What can any human being on this planet really do for us? They can comfort us, they can love us, they can make us feel full sometimes, but who hasn’t been hurt by even the greatest love of their life? Even my husband and children, whom I love and adore and who make my life on this earth complete let me down from time to time. They may even break my heart one day or *gasp* die and leave me alone. I am amazed and intrigued that God will never ever leave me alone. Even when I think He has He doesn’t. He promises that He won’t. Oh, how He loves us.

So I’m going to brag…the Lord of all creation wants ME. He loves ME. He is pursuing ME. Do I deserve the perfect love of anyone? No. I’m still selfish and sometimes mean and despite all the beautiful changes He’s made in me I’m still far from perfect. Last night I was angry and I gossiped. I don’t deserve a love that would sacrifice life for me. But I got it. Wow. So did every person who ever was, who is now and who ever will be. Even the people I don’t believe deserve it. I know despite this people will walk away from Him. What continues to enthrall me is that He knows exactly who will walk away from Him, but he pursues anyway. He wants them anyway. He loves them anyway. I know I can’t say I’d love someone who would walk away from me and my efforts time after time


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