First day of School?

Our first day of school started around 8. By then I had all the kids up and they were ready to eat. While the food was warming up, we did stretches. My two primary worries with homeschool are that she will be unsocialized and lack physical activity. To remedy the first issue, she is in GirlScouts, church and we'll pick one other activity outside of home. The 2nd issue I'm addressing by stretching in the morning and attempting some type of activity during the day. Yesterday we did my walk/run regimen to the post office while I pushed the babies in the bike trailer. We also just joined a homeschool group that does a gym class on Fridays. Perfect because I picked a 4-day curriculum!

MMMMMM. GraceAnne had some sausage biscuits, (she's been requesting them since June) and Violet ate a granola bar and a sausage biscuit and Corbin had some Mish Mash.

And the first day was mostly special because instead of getting up and rushing around to get dressed in the coolest outfit we could find and brushing our hair up into piggies with big bows--we just rolled out of bed. Yepp, we spent the first day in jammies.

Here's what the 2 spawn do while we complete our lessons. They are pretty good as long as they're well fed, but it is LOUD in that room. Absolutely no carpet=horrendous echo. Sometimes we have to stop reading until they get done being super noisy.

And here she is on day 2 working on a worksheet.
So far it's been alright. I definitely wish that instead of being a crazy mourning psycho for the last 3 weeks I had been reading my curriculum and getting prepared for school as I had planned. However...thanks to the curriculum I chose the day is pretty idiot-proof. Unless said idiot doesn't realize she forgot to order a few things until the first day, but...if that were to happen said idiot could easily order the items online and recieve them in just a few days.
So far we're working on vocabulary, history, reading, math and bible study. We'll be starting science and handwriting shortly. Thankfully homeschooling goes MUCH faster than regular school or I would be in serious trouble with the babies and my sanity. We are currently done by about 10am and I suspect that will only go up until about noon with added classes once we get the hang of everything. I do have an art class sitting in the closet, but I think that will be just once weekly.
I also am extremely Blessed in that there is a woman here in town who has put 4 of her kids through Sonlight. Her oldest is 16 and she's had some of the same issues with her that I have with GraceAnne, (namely that we're so much alike we clash like crazy) so I am excited that she will be an invaluable resource. She also sits on the board of the homeschool group we joined, so I just know God is speaking to me in all this. I am completely inadequate to do this on my own, but He's going to help me get through it and in the end GraceAnne will have such an awesome education for it. Well, that's about it for now. Diapers this weekend, shall we?

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Jenna Bee said...

Tara I have noticed so many self-deprecating words in your blog and it makes my heart go out to you. I know you have always been WAY too hard on yourself. You are flippin brilliant girl! You need to treat GraceAnne, Violet, and Corbin's Mama the way you think their Mother ought to be treated.....like gold!!!! They deserve the absolute best...as do you...but sometimes (as I have experienced myself)we can't find the gusto to provide ourselves the best but do so easily for our children. Anytime you find yourself being critical of yourself...think about if you would treat Allan that way....because you are equally important in your children's growth and development. Always remember to model your behavior in a way in which you want the kiddies to treat themselves. Especially inner dialogue. After a while it will just come naturally to be good to yourself!
Sorry....playing therapist, I guess ;)
Love you!