Oh, Happy Day!

Well, Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there. Allan--my wonderful, beautiful husband, this section is for you: Thank you for being the absolute best dad I could ever have imagined for my children. Thank you for wading through the muck with me and deciding when we came out that we were still good enough to plan 2 more. Thank you for believing in me as a mother and trusting me with our sweet babies. Thanks for giving me these babies! Thank you MOSTLY, though, for leading them with a Godly spirit. I pray The Lord continues to move you forward in your quest to be a Godly parent and that He Blesses you every step along the way. We are all so well Blessed for your walk!

Allan--my wonderful, beautiful husband, this section is ALSO for you: Happy 3rd wedding anniversary. Words cannot express how glad I am to be your wife. Sometimes I'm embarrassed at the short amount of time we've been married compared to the amount of time we've actually played house, but ultimately I know our timing was right. God has so Blessed our marriage and I'm not sure we'd have come as far as we have had we not dealt with so many of our issues before we decided to "tie the knot." I remember our wedding and how beautiful and perfect it was. I remember how much fun we had on our honeymoon and I feel incredibly Blessed that we still have so much fun together. I am looking forward to many more years of having beautiful and perfect moments drenched in tons of fun! I can't wait to see all the joys and wonders God has in store for us. Thank you for everything you do.

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