A few pix.

Because the video wouldn't work, here is a picture of Allan in the wave machine. He got to surf and it was a MAJOR work out. Today he started the actual work part of his residency. He likes it. He already knows the guys because he's been volunteering at the VA for the last 3 years and he even had a rotation there last semester. They're very comfortable with him and happy he's there.

She's slightly crazy. After being in San Antonio for 2 weeks and not having her carseat or riding in a vehicle with no air conditioning she said to me, "Mom...I LOVE riding in your car now."
Funny because she used to tell me everyday how much she hated my car. I guess some things rub off on the kids, eh? Nothing like being unable to just get up and take off to make you realize that some things truly are blessings. Like piece o crap 1996 Olds cutlasses. Haha.

I made berry parfaits for dinner/dessert tonight. It's been up over 100 degrees here the last week or so and we're doing anything to beat the heat. Violet was OBVIOUSLY a fan of the parfait.

She likes to play with her food when she's bored of it.
I met with a new Dr today to see if I liked him. I like him mostly but there are a couple child birthing issues we need to come to agreement on in the next 5 months. He did seem more concerned than my midwives, which was a big plus. He did an ultrasound in office and told me the big shadow I saw was probably a hemmorage, which is pretty typical, (we had one with Vi, too), and that it was mostly healed up now, so no worries. We're also fairly sure this is a boy. Wow. What do I do with one of those?!? I think Allan is thrilled but when I told him he said, "okay, cool." Haha. GraceAnne has been calling it a boy from the very second she found out we were having a baby. Today, however, she decided she wants another baby sister. But why the change of heart?? She saw the ultrasound picture of the baby's face. She said it is creepy and she doesn't want a baby boy if it looks like that. She flipped her lid. I tried to explain to her that a sonogram can't photograph skin, but she still seems unsure. When I told her that her picture looked creepy and so did Violet's she got quiet for a few minutes. Then out of the blue yelled at me, "WHY DIDN'T YOU LIKE ME WHEN I WAS A BABY IN YOUR BELLY!?" WOW...so mature but so simple! She never ceases to amaze me.
Hope you're all doing well. We love and miss you.

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Gayle said...

What do you do with boys? Watch them run and jump and break things and get hurt and do it all over again. Boys are easy. They completely entertain themselves. It's dangerous...but easy. :) Over 100 sounds wonderful. I really need to live somewhere hot. I'm getting older and the cold makes my bones hurt.