It's beginning to look a lot like home now!

Sing that title to the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and you'll know how I've been feeling. Especially since they told us we'd be back in the house by Christmas ;)
Here is the bathroom...you can see a bit of the tile floor Allan laid and in the mirror you can see the shower. I LOVE the beadboard!
Honestly, this part is the biggest change. It looked like such a construction zone, so my wonderful husband put our cabinets up and cleaned the bathroom and I put up the towels, (the green matches our walls perfectly and the best part? I got them for FREE at Kohl's!!) We want to switch the knobs out to brushed nickel on the cabinets.

Here is Violet's room, and she FINALLY uses it! She's been in her own room for several months now, but this is the first time it really looks like a bedroom! Rhiya's bed is in there, too, because she has decided the last couple of times she's been here she doesn't like being in her own little house in the yard. We'll see if she stays there. Since we're having a boy, though, this room will become his. Violet and GraceAnne will share a room then. I'm hoping we can keep him in our room at least 6 months so that Violet will be 2 and maybe not so excited to put tiny My Little Pony toys down her throat.
Here is the toyroom. It's not organized yet, but you get the gist. The walls are a pretty pale green and the ceiling is a pretty pale blue. Our goal in this room is to get a cool fan we found at Home Depot, (it has an earth on the globe part) and some baskets to put the toys in. My computer will eventually be in there, too, since the kids seem to only want to be where I am!
Here is the stairwell. I couldn't find the before pictures because my husband likes to put the old pictures, (read: 4 months old) on the external drive. Trust me when I say this is 100% better. Actually...this is about 215% better than it was! It was SOO ugly and now it's actually a focal point to not be embarrassed by.
Here is our library. Please excuse the mess, I've been working on some garage sale stuff. We sit on that couch and watch movies over here:
in the movie room! Allan brought my chair in so they could sit in something comfy while they play the Wii. I really love how everything is coming together to make this place a home. It was driving me nuts.
And THIS!!!!! This is the biggest deal of all. Yes, it's a ratty OLD table, but it's our diningroom table and it's in our diningroom! How novel, eh? This room has always been my favorite because of those STUNNING stripes that my husband loathes me for making him paint, (incidentally, the neighbor has commissioned him to paint TWO rooms in stripes for him, HAHA!), and the fact that this is where we gather to praise God, share our days with each other, relax and EAT. We haven't eaten a REAL family meal together in our house since last October. The last two nights we've gathered here, praying, eating and enjoying each other's company. It has done so much to improve my spirits. Eventually there will be artwork on those walls, (we're working on one wall of wraught iron crosses), and a rug on the floor and a nice table, but for now it's fabulous. I still can't wait to have it all done, but for now I'm relishing in the fact that God gave us exactly what we asked for--floors the kids could play on and to be able to live in the WHOLE house! He is so awesome :)
Hope you enjoyed a small tour of our home and hope you're doing well. We love and miss you!


Emily said...

AWESOME! Looks great. Makes me think of Thanksgiving and to see it now! WOW!

Can't wait to see it in real life...in 1 1/2 years! Glad to see you are doing better! Say hello to everyone for me!

Gayle said...

I tried commenting yesterday, but things weren't working so good for me.

Your house is beautiful. Even the stuff you say isn't done or isn't "perfect" is way better than the condition of my digs. You are for more fortunate than you realize.