The Junior Graduate

GraceAnne is...well, shall we give the report we got from her Pre-K teacher last week? GraceAnne is somewhat bossy. She's given to not listening when she doesn't feel like it and she'll crack jokes at the most inopportune moments. She riles the other kids up and she corrects them like a mother. She's annoying and likes to argue. She also has a temper from you-know-where. Can you see the attitude DRIPPING from that face up there? She is SO her mother's child!
But despite those quirks, GraceAnne is so many awesome things, too. She is the rock I broke myself on. She broke me down and taught me what it was to really live a life outside of yourself. She taught me what love truly is and because I wanted better for her life than I felt my own had been, she brought me to my savior. She bonded me to her daddy and she is the greatest sister, (little AND big!) She is the seed that started this whole amazing life I lead!

GraceAnne is sweet, loving, kind, giving, HILARIOUS. She's intellectual beyond her years and wise to boot. She's so incredibly perceptive with a fantastic memory and she'd do anything to make the people she loves smile. Did I mention she's smart as a whip? I'm sure you've heard me brag on her before, but she's reading and writing and draws better than any of the other kids in her class. She has a vocabulary that matches some adults and she can problem solve with the best of them.
Today was a great day for GraceAnne. She could have cared less about the ceremony, but she is SO excited to be a Kindergartner. She tells us about 20 times a day that she will be 5 soon and she's going to be big. She can't wait to get into school and make new friends and learn new things. She's toured the Kindergarten center and thinks it's awesome. But the first step of that was getting her "diploma." So there she is at the podium being awarded. They said a few words about each student. GraceAnne's favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Her favorite thing to do at school is to make crafts and she wants to be a mommy and go grocery shopping when she grows up.

Here's something that just cracks me up about my child. Check out her sweet girly dress and her frilly girly socks and trust me when I say that under that cap she had her hair all dolled up in a hair tie and two bows. But her shoes! Vans slip-ons with black cats on them. I love her! Girly and functional all at the same time! We're so proud of her today! She has really grown up this year and I know it won't slow down for a second. Everyone says I will cry when she goes to Kindergarten, but I don't think so, because she is SO darned ready and excited for it and she really flourishes when she's in school.
Thanks for taking a peek at my big girl. I hope you all feel as Blessed as I do today!

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Mary said...

GraceAnne and I apparently have the same fashion style!! ;)

Thanks for posting what you did(on my blog.) you are so right. I love you!!!