The Graduate

This wonderfully smart and determined hubby graduated from the University of Texas-Southwestern with his Bachelor's degree in Prosthetics & Orthotics last week. His awesome family sent him some SUPER COOL gifts. Here they are:
A beautiful new grill from Great-Grandma Polly and Trish. It's a 60,000 BTU stainless-steel beauty! Very exciting as we've been grilling on a table top grill, (with no table to put it on!), for the last 6 years. Can I get a WOOT!?

Here are the beautiful grates and you can see the 4 stainless steel burners on the inside. Stainless is better for us down here because cast iron rusts out in our wet, humid climate. Yes, we live in Texas, but it's only hot and dry for 3 months of the year. Then it's wet and humid.

A burner! This was my requirement so I can make mac n cheese while we grill meat. Other stuff will be cooked there, as well, but I don't want to heat the kitchen at all if I don't have to.
Of course we also got a grill cover so it stays nice.

Allan's super awesome cousins, Lauren and John, sent him a huge package of Omaha Steaks to cook on the new grill. I can't wait to try them! I've been wanting to order from them forever now!

And then his mum sent money for us to buy some Pampered Chef grill accoutrement. This is what we picked out:

BBQ basting bottle. The BBQ sauce goes in the bottle and comes out the silicone basting brush! The silicone is heat safe to 650 degrees, so it won't melt when we put the sauce on and it won't fray like the usual BBQ brushes.

Jumbo turner, for turning great big old steaks!

BBQ grilling basket for slicing up squashes, mushrooms, etc and giving them that awesome grilled flavor, too.

Outdoor caddy for entertaining. I LOVE PC!!!
So CONGRATULATIONS, ALLAN!! You rock! And thank you to Allan's family for getting him such an AMAZING graduation gift! We will be using it LOTS!
Prayers, please, as we make this transition from students to working class. Allan starts his residency at the Dallas VA on June 22nd. Thankfully the house is done and we can relax during his time off. Anytime we've had time off until now has been spent frantically trying to finish some house project before he had to go back. We're planning to take a couple road trips, but we'll see how finances and time pan out. We love and miss you all!!

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Mary said...

I'm very impressed and envious of aforementioned grill, however, my main question is, Where did you get Violet's dress??? That looks so stinkin cute!!! (She makes it look good, I know!!)