Happy 13th Birthday, Lolita!

If you look at the list of blogs I follow, you can see that one of those is Living Proof Ministries, which happens to be Beth Moore, (the bible lady). Her daughter recently went on a mission trip with Compassion International to Kolkata India. Because of her blog posts, we decided to sponsor a child, too.

Her name is Lolita and today is her 13th birthday. We picked her for a few reasons. They are because she has been waiting almost a year for a sponsor. She is Rhiya's age and likes sports like Rhiya does. Her family makes approximately the equivalent of $60 US dollars per month. Our little donation is more than half of what both of her parents bring in. I hope that by hearing that she got a sponsor, God's love and Blessing was so evident to her.

Sponsoring a child is easy and Compassion is a fabulous organization. 100% of your donation goes toward the family. It's only $32/mo to supply a child with adequate food, clothing, an education and Chrisitan ministry. They have children all over the world to choose from. You can pick based on birthdate, gender, country or just have Compassion pick a child for you. You can sponsor as many as your budget can handle and you're encouraged to write frequent letters to your sponsored child. A lot of times our letters are the only encouragement these children recieve.

I hope you'll all join me in praying for Lolita and also sponsor your own child. God calls us to help those less fortunate and while we frequently help people in our own community, it's never life-altering. Knowing that we can change a child's life for so little amazes me. God is so good!

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