Fresh, New and Ours!

It's amazing what some trim and a coat of paint will do! Here is the hallway to the 1/4 bath and the side door with the trim up and the hall painted. That color will extend all the way upstairs via the stair well and also be the upstairs hall color. It ties the rooms together very nicely.

By the way...take a look at the finish on the trim as you go through the pictures. Allan absolutely hates the gloss. I think it looks AMAZING with the flat wall colors. Make sure you post your opinion. I'm hoping it will eventually grow on him.
Here's from the front door looking into the library and further back, the dining room. The library is going to be so fabulous to read books in!

Here's the window trim and the mantle in the library. The mantle will be switched to wood as soon as we save up the money to do so.

Here is the stairwell, updated from yesterday. Looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? Especially considering it used to be just a piece of plywood.

The top of the stairwell, looking down. We argued our case and won for a 36" rail. Apparently 42" is to code, but with me being only 5'5" it was about up to my chest. I don't think either of my kids can dive over a 36" rail right now, and by the time they are old enough to do that, they should know better or else they can call the ambulance themselves. HAHA.

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Gayle said...

Congratulations to Allan for completing school. The BBQ is awesome! Your house is so beautiful. Gloss or no gloss it looks great.