Same Ole Thang

More of the same here--trying hard not to kill each other as we stew around in the guest house for God-knows-how-much-longer.

Someone is coming today to buy our '58 ragtop. *sniffle* I hate to see this go, but at the same time I'm elated. It's been sitting in our possession doing NOTHING, (or rather, we do nothing to it!), for almost 4 years now. It's a beautiful specimen...perfect mix between original and modified so that it LOOKS the way we would want our bug to, but DRIVES the way we'd want a bigger car to. Here's a picture to commemorate the last of our project cars, (at least those on our property, teehee)

I'm elated because now we will have room in the garage to put our crap while we get the floors done. We were told to choose what we wanted done with the last of the money from the budget. I told them we need the floors done! They are so nasty. Here's a picture of how nasty they are. I literally CAN'T mop them or the wood will be ruined. Besides, my mother-in-law once tried to mop them and she went over them FIVE times before she decided to give up because they'd NEVER come clean. Turns out she was mopping the finish off. I've probably droned on about this before, but suffice it to say that I will be ecstatic to have beautiful hardwood floors that my children can actually crawl and play on!

P.S. Allan pulled all that carpet up in anticipation of getting the floors refinished. I don't know if you can tell from that picture, but it looks SO MUCH BIGGER now! Carpets really do suck.

Then we have the bathroom which is done except for the paint touch ups and the big holes in the wall and cabinet from the plumbing. Oh yeah, and it has to be sealed or we're tards, I forgot. Oh well, it's almost done. And it's gonna look awesome :D

Here is a picture of the most god-awful window I've ever seen in my life. This is what we are getting on both of the back bedrooms. I loved these windows, they were long and beautiful and now they are hideous. I'm glad we decided to stay in the front bedroom! I know, I know--will she ever be happy with anything? I'm not going to complain to the builders because-hey!-they were free, but OMG this is awful. It makes me tear up when I look out of the guest house at the big house. Blah.And now, a photo montage of the lovely little girl we are trying to wean from breastmilk to formula, (yeah, I gave in cuz I'm a jerk and it turns out I'm probably not making enough milk to support a growing 9 month old, afterall. God works in funny ways, huh?)
"Hey mom, you got something good for me? I'm a lil' hungry!"

"what in the sam-hell was THAT you just tried to put in my mouth? Certainly not the nectar of the gods I've been drinking for entirity of my life on this earth!"
"get this NASTY thing out of my mouth! UGH, PUKE!"

Okay, so that's probably as much drama as one blog post can handle, so signing off, this is Tara.



Gayle said...

Wow, new house and new freedom all in one year? What will you do?! LOL :)

Heather said...

It looks like things are coming along. I know your frustration. Re-building is tough!talotrack

Mary said...

thanks! I wish it was more of a celebration. I actually caught whatever Chaz has (he's going to the dr. tommorrow) Daniel hung up with the guy, came and told me and the next moment I up-chucked...lol. Are we going to see you guys this Sunday sometime?? (if the germs have departed from this place by then.)