Photos for the Weary

For those of you weary of my whining, here are some photos. I'm too tired to even whine today.

I will say, though, that Allan FINALLY got the money from the insurance company 2 days ago. Last night he bought a 1989 Toyota 4Runner. He's pretty excited about it. It's big--it's ugly--it's totally Allan. The best part about the 4Runner? (Yepp, I said it before and I'll say it again!) There was money leftover. Soo...we went to eat at Chili's last night, (we've had literally NO cash this week, so I've been cooking crap from the freezer that's probably been there a year. The plus side? Now I can defrost the freezer for the first time in 2 years because I can see the bottom!), and went to WalMart and GraceAnne got a new pony and Allan got a new camera because he sat on his old one and killed it.

We tried to get a memory card for my phone, but AT&T is super cool and made sure we couldn't buy one at a normal store. Luckily it fits in Allan's phone because you can't return opened electronics, so now he has a brand-spankin' new 2GB memory card for his phone that he can put 400 songs on. But there is hope for me yet! I get a new haircut and color today. At this point I could care less about the cut and the color, but the time away from the kids sounds positively DIVINE!

So here's the house from the street with new windows. Pretty snazzy, eh? It's taking them longer than they thought because they are having to reframe every single window. But the front is all new and in a few minutes the north-face will be all new, too.
Here's the rear of the house. You can see them working on the north-face.
Here's my bottle-drinkin' baby, thinkin' she's cute. (she's right, but don't tell her or she might get a fat head!) I actually think I'll just give her sippy cups because I'd rather not get her on a bottle habit now only to break her of it in 3 months. Plus bottles are evil and I re-realized why last night--the freakin' things leak! I had a big old wet spot on my bed and I was NOT happy at 5:30 this morning. Boobs do not leak past the first month, so I've been spoiled. Blah.
And here she is again excited that she can throw her milk around and drag it with her. She is wearing my all-time favorite Violet shirt from Old Navy. I told Allan when she outgrows it I'm going to cut the patch out and someday I'll make her a patchwork purse with that on it and lots of different violet color fabrics. You can't tell from the picture, but it's textured and just way too cute.

Okay, so I can't manage to make it through even one post without whining, but in my 26 years I've come to realize that I'm FUNNY when I complain and people like me when I'm funny, so...maybe I ought to just roll with it. Besides, somedays I have nothing to say if I can't whine. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Love and miss you all!

**Edited to add: here is the after shot. I got my hair colored and trimmed. It's grown a lot more than I thought it had since I had Violet and the color is WONDERFUL! What's that you say? I actually look my age again? Why, thank you. Gray is NOT the new brown after all!


Gayle said...

You look fabulous! I haven't had a hair cut in 1 1/2 years. And I'm very gray. Been thinking a lot about fixing it, but haven't done it. Always so busy. The house is coming along...yes!!

Mary said...

I want my gray hair gone too!!! lol

So...I started reading the other blog you have, and i have to say (apparently in all caps) UPDATE!!! and keep updating! you have wonderful, beautiful, thought provoking thoughts!! lol

ok. I'm so glad we're friends!